Thursday, April 27, 2017

Easter 2017

Easter was a lovely, balmy day. And Harriet's first proper one! The boys were very excited about the Easter bunny, and Hatts quickly got into the spirit of things. 

I spot some eggs... 

Desperate to go out... at 5:30am - they had to wait for their sister to wake up.

And eventually she did!

A beautiful morning...

And the bunny lay a trail of eggs all the way to the playground.

Hurrah! A ninja!

Choo choo...

And even better - play doh. Harriet's favorite.

and froggies.

And eggs to hatch.

A quick skate around the hood with friends...

Then back to tins to eat some chocolate.

And Harriet and I made play doh hearts.

Then plated our little grass pots.

Before we headed to the Lizottes for another egg hunt.

A really fun, hot afternoon... followed by another little surprise! Sweeties from nana and a few goodies from me and Rich.

Ending the wonderful day nature watching.... a big puddle (colony) of ants.

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