Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Advent Days Twenty-Two and Twenty-Three

At this point in the Advent we were all a bit bushed but once you commit, you commit! So on Thursday we enjoyed a fabulous Solstice celebration at the Burmans. Not many photos but it was warmish and the children had a great time.

On Day 23 we headed to Boothbay Harbor to their Botanical Gardens. We were all very excited about this trip, despite it being quite a trip. So worth it.

Hattie let out a big 'WOW' when she saw all the lights.

Stopping for hot chocolate.

And then the wonder of the lights and amazing pop corn.

Not a good picture, but lots of little fairy houses scattered around.

Nana and Hatts take in the view and lights.

Swinging and eating popcorn.

A fantastic almost-wrap up to our Advent... home by 11pm...!

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