Monday, September 6, 2010


When Raf was around 8 or 9 months old he developed a rather nasty rash around his mouth. it was fairly intermittent at first and then, just before we headed to the UK, it became much worse. When in the UK we tried eliminating certain things from Raf's diet... and, drat, it seemed to be soy. We're vegan and soy is a major food group for us so it's been a bit of a pain. But taking soy out cleared up the rash, and, indeed, if Raf ever touches even a little bit of soy (some soybean lurking in pasta sauce, for instance) up comes the rash...

Over the past couple of weeks a rash has started to reappear, and it's been accompanied by some seeming tummy issues and a sore bottom. We're now wondering about other allergies/intolerances. We've not given anything new to Raf lately, and so I'm wondering if he's developing some sort of intolerance. I don't know too much about allergies and their development, but I am worried that he's becoming sensitive to tree nuts and/or coconut. Gah. We're off to see an allergist in November but don't want Raf to suffer with the discomfort... a rash is one thing, but I wonder what its doing to his insides.

I'm thinking of doing some form of elimination diet... does anyone have any experience with this sort of thing?


  1. eek, poor little guy and poor you! i have zero experience of elimination diets of the kind you're talking about. Hope someone else does xxx

  2. Oh, so sorry, Alex! Poor little Raf! I wish I had any advice for you. Can you get in to see the allergist any sooner? You all will be in my thoughts.

    Hope you're adjusting to the start of school, too--at least you have a great nanny! xoxoxo