Sunday, June 19, 2016

Goodbye First Grade!

This big boy had his last day of first grade on Wednesday. What a year. He began it barely able to read, and now he's reading chapter books, doing lots of big math sums in his head, and is all in all a curious, sweet boy. 

I mostly have been taking Raf to school myself but he elected to get the bus on Wednesday so he could say goodbye to Bruce and to give him the card he made and the little gift we got him.

Hatts was just a little baby when he first started.

Whilst he was at school Chaz and I made a cake for him.

And then we collected him from school.. a teary goodbye from Addie who is going to the bigger kid school.

And then it was off to Sweet Frog for us for some non-dairy treats :)

Hatts wasnt in the least bit interested.

If ice-cream wasn't enough, we headed to get some Pier fries and then hit Camp Ellis for a picnic.

The water was cold!

And home just in time for some yummy cake. A layer of chocolate for Raf, and a layer of vanilla for Chaz.

And just before bed, some Pokemon cards! They're just doing a bit of 'orszanizing' as Charlie puts it! And now we're on to second grade. Wow.

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