Sunday, May 29, 2016

Final Days of Costa Rica

Final days of Costa Rica... finally. We've been dealing with a lot of sickness but hoping we're on the upswing. Anyway, some pictures of our final couple of days in what is now our favourite place!

Another opportunity to spot some local wildlife, an estuary tour. 

We had to leave by 7am because of the tides, but it was absolutely gorgeous. We were hoping to see some crocodiles as our neighbors had been on the same estuary a few weeks before us and sent us back footage of a pretty fierce crocodile.

Phenomenal birding.

Hatts taking a nap.

Of course our kids were digging into the tour guide's snacks from the get-go....!

Howler monkeys...

And then we saw both types of iguana! The boys fed them... 

But sadly no crocodiles.

A beautiful morning, but the boys were tired and hungry so we said goodbye to the boat and headed into Tamarindo for some breakfast.

Wow, big plate of pancakes!

And then back to the room for some reading before we headed out on another trip to a nearby beach.

Playa Conchal is made up entirely of tiny crushed shells. It was a bit of a trek to get there and we had some dodgy guys asking us for money to watch our car.. We obliged.

The trek was worth it...

Fistfuls of beautiful shells.

The seater was pristine.

Charlie was especially enchanted and spent a long while searching for shells to take back with us.

Inevitably the trek back to our car was not nearly as fun!

Though we caught a beautiful sunset.

I heart CR!

They were exhausted after the day and read a lot of books in bed, eating room service before passing out.

Here the Iguanas are close up (other camera).

Can't wait to return.

The next morning we were flying home... but first we had to wake these sleeping beauties.

All packed and ready to go..

But first we had to find the children!

After returning our trust hire car, we ate an incredibly overpriced breakfast at the airport. I still cry a little as I think of the price of the croissant!

And then the journey home in overpriced airport 'Costa Rica' teeshirts. We all got one, of course!

Truly a terrible journey home!

But on arrival to Boston our car started and that was a massive surprise. A remarkable trip, and we cannot wait to return.

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  1. What gorgeous photos!!! Oh I cannot wait to catch up and hear all about this. xoxo