Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Hattie in ONE-derland: Mad Hatter Tea Party

We celebrated Hattso's birthday a couple of weeks ago with a very fun 'Mad Hatter Tea Party'. It was a really fun theme with lots of decorations, costumes, and food to plan!

Here are Hatts and Rich working on some welcoming art. Rich wanted to welcome guests with 'Off with her head', but I managed to persuade him to write something a little more welcoming. 

The pics are in no particular order, but some of our very favourite people were there.

We had the most amazing cake made... 

Which came with a little matching smash cake. harriet was absolutely exhausted by the time we cut some cake, but she was an absolute trooper, as usual. We missed her clapping at the end of the happy birthday song, unfortunately. 

She's not much of an eater yet so didn't really dig in, but she liked playing with the icing, and I helped her eat a bit! Delicious!

And then everyone else dug in.

One of our favourite quotes: "If you don't care for tea you could at least make polite conversation"!

I must say that my vegan Victoria sponge cake was absolutely delicious.

But didn't compete with the beauty of this one!

Tweedle Dee...

And Tweedle Dee (no one wanted to be Dum!)

Tipsy Tea!

Finger sandwiches.

Rich made some excellent decorations.

Hattie in ONE-derland!

Everyone was a good sport with some mad hatter hats!

I made lots of teapot cookies for the kids to decorate.

Hatts received some beautiful gifts.

Margaret caught some lovely photos of Hatts.

And funny ones, too!

A was a truly wonderful day, and a big, big thank you to everyone who joined us to celebrate this lovely girl.

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