Thursday, May 5, 2016

Proyecto Asis

Back to our Costa Rica diary... Still in Arenal we popped to Proyecto Asis, a wildlife sanctuary for injured or wild animals once kept as 'pets'. We were very excited about visiting this place, as we'd heard many good things, and they have very enthusiastic staff who take you around, giving details on all the animals they have. Unfortunately Hatts was awake (but tired) and Charlie was EXHAUSTED. And it was also over 100 degrees. Still, it was a phenomenal place with different types of monkeys, macaws, parrots, and much, much more.

This little chap had been kept as a pet for many years, and so very much needed the human petting. It was sad to hear some of these animals' stories, but an amazing opportunity to hold and rub a monkey's hand.

Raf went in for another hand stroke.

They even had a porcupine. Someone had had this little guy for 6 months... until their quills appeared, and thus he was dropped off here, but too domesticated to be returned to the wild.

A super way to finish off our trip to Arenal... and then there was enough time for Rich and Raf to jump into the hotel pools, to use the cool slides, etc one more time before we set off on our journey to Playa Flamingo.

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