Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Spring Break

I had a busy spring break with the children. Usually I'd be working as our spring breaks don't correspond so it was a nice treat to see them for the entire time. We began with a play date at the park with one of Raf's best friends, Rohit! Such a lovely boy and his family are just lovely, too.

It definitely wore out our Hatts.

And then it was a half birthday celebration for Charlie.

And play date time with our lovely neighbors.

Poor old Chaz was very poorly for a couple of days... awful cough (which now poor Raf is dealing with).

So resting up and lots of snuggling.

We managed a little hike on a local trail.

With Charlie still resting.

The kids worked on their music later that day...

And Hatts let us know that she, too, has a love of trains.

On the Wednesday we headed into Portland to go to the Children's Museum. We stopped en route to pick up some ukuleles. I got one, too!

And then we had a fabulous afternoon at the museum.

We took our lunch.

And this time Harriet was big enough to enjoy some other exhibits. She had a great time.

Raf enjoyed the climbing wall...

Utterly exhausted, they all crashed as we drove home. Peace for mummy!

Raf went to a uke lesson with Rich, and they came back and taught me the cords they'd learned.

Thursday was a very fun packed day with a play date with Benjamin at his house and then ours.

Bye Benjamin!

And then we headed to Bradbury Mountain. Probably not my wisest parenting moment as Charlie was still rather weak from being poorly.

But we made it.

After the hike and lots of park time, we hit Freeport to pick up helmets for the littlest two. Hatts modeling hers. We also got some sorbet from Ben and Jerrys, and despite the very late hour and me being solo with the three of them, we ate our sorbet and practiced dancing and singing on the LL Bean outdoor concert stage!

Just a fantastic day with my little loves. Friday was Earth Day and we were invited to join Raf's other best friend, Gideon and his family. We went to Pineland Farm to see the animals.

Raf was not exactly fearless around the hens!

As mostly a vegan family I felt a bit sad being around the animals, though this farm is probably as good as it gets for farm animals, and it was good for the boys to see what happens.

After seeing the animals we had a lot of fun playing on the slides.

A really fabulous day. We followed up the busy week with a very easy weekend, culminating in Charlie saying adios to his old helmet. A goodbye kiss and hug.

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