Monday, May 9, 2016

Hatts is ONE!

Our lovely girl Hatts turned ONE on the 28th. The year has flown by, and whilst that is a bit of a cliche, it's also incredibly true! She is the sweetest, most mellow of all the children, and I suspect that it's virtue of being number 3 - knowing that she has two big loud brothers also needing attention and time. 

She still has a foot firmly in babyhood, though she is clearly knocking on toddlerhood's door. Two little bottom teeth have recently poked their way through, and she has being saying 'mama', 'dada', and 'baba' (which I like to think means brother!) for a while. She has a sweet, sweet laugh, a rousing and surprising shriek, and is very, very close to walking. She cruises along, stands for a while on her own, and is the speediest crawler I've ever seen. She is not really into solids yet, refusing any attempts to offer anything remotely mushy on a spoon, but does like pretzels(!), melon, and cucumber. Indeed she did enjoy a couple of chips like her mum when we went to lunch to celebrate her big day.

We headed to the Lobster Shack on her actual birthday, and both Rich and Raf left work/school a little early so we could get a late lunch.

These chips are good!

The weather was beautifully sunny but really, really chilly so we ate inside. The boys got some birthday pokemon cards from Hatts, and Charlie was terribly excited, exclaiming VERY loudly - in what is a small inside dining area - 'I ALWAYS wanted these' - It was very sweet, and yes, very loud.

The boys also had on their new party hats... in fact they all did. We were planning an Alice in Wonderland party theme for Hatt's birthday party that weekend, and the boys were going as Tweedle Dee (no one wanted to go as Tweedle Dum!).

We got home in time for the boys to head to their swimming class, and Hatts and I stayed home to get ready for her cake party!

One of her tricks is climbing into the little wagon and sitting down whilst one of the boys pushes her!

And then it was party time. Our lovely neighbours joined us...


Hatts was not that interested in eating any cake...

And only a bit interested in gifts.

Thank goodness her friends and brothers were there to help.

She did love her keyboard from Nana, though.

And everyone loved the ball toy from her, too!

Thanks for the pans, Aunty Melissa! Perfect for my new kitchen.

I felt very conflicted getting her such a stereotypical girl's toy but we have SO MUCH in the way of toys, except a kitchen. Charlie and Hatts always play with the one at their babysitters' so I think they'll all get a lot of good use from it.

She did receive some very cool books.

A year on... Sniff sniff.

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