Saturday, May 7, 2016

Playa Flamingo

After our Arenal adventures, which were just phenomenal, we headed to Playa Flamingo... more of a resort type place, which we hoped would be a little relaxing. Driving there was an absolute nightmare. At one point we hit some road works, and alas, there were no clear diversion signs. Our Sat Nav went a bit crazy and we ended up driving the wrong way on a closed portion of the Pan American Highway! A very illegal U Turn and we were back en route... 

And eventually - in one piece - we got there. It was late but of course the boys ran to check out the pools....

And the beach (Flamingo) which is on the doorstep of the hotel. Just a beautiful, beautiful place.

Huge breakers.. one of the reasons we chose this beach over others is that it's one of the calmest... but the waves were impressive.

We got into a pattern of going to the beach for sunset, a dip in the sea, followed by late night swims in the pool, followed by room service, watching Spanish TV. We learnt early on that it's not terribly enjoyable eating out with three very, very tired children. Room service was great, though :)

Breakfast in the hotel was yummy...

And were joined by some amazing wildlife.

Including a few iguanas.

And then more pool time.

Rich and the boys played pool volley ball. It was very funny. The hotel had activities including pool aerobics with this Costa Rican guy who was a complete personality. It was very fun to watch and join in. At one point during this game, Raf was the ball boy and almost ran into a massive iguana.

Beautiful beach.

Spanish cartoons.

And a date with my big boy at the wet bar.. until we were joined by Charlie!

And before long Rich had swapped places, finishing up a very strong cocktail.

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