Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Raf is thriving in his new school! Last week he attended two days - and was sick on the second day - but nonetheless he seemed to be enjoying it. This week marks his first full week... well, three days! Rich has been doing most of the drop off and pick ups, but today I had to pick him up as Rich wasn't going to get home from a meeting in time.

When I got there Raf was playing one on one with one of the teaching assistants. He was super happy to see me, but you could see that he was perfectly happy. When Rich drops him off, he simply says, "bye, daddy', and runs off into the playground (they play outside with all the other classes until 8:30). After that first day when I left him looking overwhelmed I had serious misgivings, but he has really adapted, and adapted very quickly.

The lead teacher, Ms. Niki, has been writing in Raf's journal. This is something they did at ROOTS, and Dani, our old nanny, continued to do it. We love seeing the highlights of his day. Here are a couple of entries from this week.

"This week Rafi is learning about fruits and vegetables. At art he painted with corn on the cob. In the Dramatic Play area he was sorting the fruits and vegetables. He played alphabet bingo. He was very focused and seemed to enjoy the game. Also, he is learning new computer games. He is doing well controlling the mouse. He slept 2 hours today and woke up dry. He peed on twice on the toilet with prompts to use the bathroom. he is able to follow the class routine with no issues. Is is a pleasure to have him in the Friendship Room!"

And today...

"Great day! At art Rafi used potatoes to stamp with. He practiced writing the letter 'R'. He plated a board game with a peer. He did well waiting and taking turns. The game exposed him to counting and colors".

We're so happy that he seems to be enjoying his new school. He seemed to confident when I picked him up. He was in another classroom and we went into his room to collect his bag and he showed me where his milk and water are kept, and just seemed to know his way around already. Rich says that there's another little boy who seeks Raf out. So glad that he already has a little friend. Indeed we know one girl from gym class, and this evening at gym class Rich reports that they went around the circuits together!

He is really growing up!


  1. Way to Go Rafi!!!
    You are such a sweet little boy :)

  2. Yay!!!!!! So wonderful for him, and such a relief for you! And what a sweet photo.