Friday, August 24, 2012

Lowlights but lots of Highlights

In three weeks I'll be enjoying bed rest freedom! I'm already plotting what I'll be doing, and it does involve the beach, apple picking, and some walking and yoga (though perhaps not all on the same day). Until then I'm embracing life in bed, and I have to say that Raf is becoming quite a fan. This morning he didn't want to go to school and wanted, instead, to spend the day with me in bed. And as soon as he got home from school he was in bed with me, embracing resting with his mama.

I have been feeling very uncomfortable since last night, though, and so today wasn't my most favourite day. Some lowlights were vomiting numerous times, ongoing tummy ache, and a general feeling of fatigue.

But there were some wonderful highlights!

First, Raf was so funny and sweet in bed this morning (and I must write a post about how the kiddo is still sleeping with us and how I am a bit worried with his brother coming any week now). The second highlight was hearing from my friend Kate and being asked to chair the board of directors at their fantastic non-profit (this is more a figure head position but it was an honour to be asked. The third highlight was receiving the beautiful, amazing quilt from my friend, Anna.

I can't explain how exquisite this quilt is. Each tree has some detailed embroidery of a butterfly, cloud, rainbow, and more. And in the middle tree are Mine and Rich's initials along with Rafi, Toast(!), and Papa. It's really such a touching gift. 

And then yet another highlight... a very, very unexpected present from my friend Sarah Hope who sent Raf and I a book each! Again, just so touched by people's generosity. 

And then Raf came home for more 'bed rest', and while I am not feeling my best and a wee bit worried again, I'm so lucky to have so many lovely, lovely people in our lives. 


  1. My sister manages sleeping with her 2 kids. I don't know. I think if we would be blessed with another baby maybe J would just sleep on the opposite side of Brian or maybe by then we would put her on a crib mattress on our floor. Not really sure (and it feels so far away).
    Love the gifts and the joy friends bring into our lives! So thankful for you! xo

  2. Mo Willems! He is a fave in our house. I am so happy to see you being showered with so many gifts and well wishes. And I hope that you are feeling better again very soon. Thinking of you tonight, my dear. xoxo

  3. Thanks, Julie. You're such a dear friend to me and your daily check ins mean so much. xo

    Jen, I haven't even mentioned the sweet treats and apples brought around by Beth, Alicia, and Ayala... Baby toast went CRAZY when I demolished the chocolate brownie yesterday and this morning (left overs!). He has very good taste!

    I feel so blessed to have such lovely friends, I really do.

  4. Ha ha ha!!! Love that about Baby Toast and the brownie!!!!!

  5. Have you read the Pigeon books by Mo Willems? They're hilarious!! I think I find them funnier than the kids do.

  6. I am sooooo envious of your quilt. It is stunning! And I'm so glad you have also been sent loving messages and gifts. If there's anything you're craving for that's British shout me. Or I can write you a long letter. I love you. I think throughout the day of you all but especially toasty-pie and I picture his lungs growing strong, his heart strengthening and all his little organs growing and developing slowly and steadily.

    I'm also wishing you comfort throughout each day. I love you.