Tuesday, August 28, 2012

34 weeks

Thanks, all, for being so kind...  I'm trying to prioritize things and that is helping. I think the added layer is not really knowing when this kiddo will show up, and so I don't know whether to buy newborn clothes or even a couple of premie outfits. One thing I need to work out is the breast pump and nappies - so I shall try and get to some of that tomorrow.

But it was my 34 week scan today! I could tell that Toast was seeming to lie much lower than usual, and at the sonogram it was evident that his head is very low down, which explains all the lovely new symptoms. Mind you I am so short waisted that this hasn't done much to alleviate my heartburn though I am getting kicks much farther away from my poor old ribs, while the head-butting is, well, an issue! It also helps to explain why I went to the loo every 20 mins in the night. It does seem a bit soon to have dropped, and I'll ask my midwife whether I should be concerned about this. From what I've read it's common to drop early in your first pregnancy, but during subsequent pregnancies the baby normally drops much later on. Fingers crossed that this is not an imminent sign that he's coming!

It was a great scan, though. Janet, my favourite sonographer was there, and Baby Toast passed his biophysical with flying colours. He was measuring in the 29th percentile, which seems to be fine in that he's following a curve of his own, but still a bit unnerving for me since Raf had a growth curve which saw him getting bigger and bigger. Of course this little guy's head is measuring ahead while the rest of him is measuring a little bit behind. Still, he's a good size (around 4 pounds 8oz) and is so active, which is a very reassuring sign in and of itself.

It looks as though he's showing off his guns in this photo! And again, we think he looks so much like Rafi. Janet made the same observation (she also did many of our scans with Rafi), and she thinks he looks like a George or a Charlie. 

Just over two weeks until we hit the magic 36 weeks... I was a bit fed up today, I must admit. A combination of having too much to do (but not really any ability to do it), work stress (gah), and feeling generally crappy. I'm not sure what's going on but the nausea is awful (even with zofran) and today during the sonogram I felt as though I was going to vomit from the pressure on my lower abdomen. But the end is in sight and I really cannot wait to meet this little monkey.


  1. So glad he looks good! Sorry you feel so awful, though. Hang in there...

  2. Oh, Miss A, I am so sorry you are feeling so badly! I will look forward to hearing what the midwife says. You are doing everything right, and I'm glad you are keeping upbeat, despite the stress and all of the unknowns. xoxox

  3. Charlie has my vote! I shall call him Chuck. <3 :)

  4. Hey Al. Have just spent some time reading your blogs from this year and catching up with all your posts. Where do I start...? Glad things are looking good with Toast but so sorry to hear you've been so sick and feeling down. I hope you pass your stress tests! On the subject of names... Lachlan was Dad's uncle. Lachlan, Jack and Mac. Mac is cute hey? Lachlan is quite a hard name and can't really be softened unless you go with Lachy...
    Wish we'd stuck with our guns 4 years ago and chosen Bear as Archie's first name then you could have had it. Still can really but it's difficult I know.
    Will call you later sweet. Love to you and all the boys xxx