Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Thanksgiving was a lovely, though unexpected holiday. The Tuesday of that week we enjoyed almost spring-like weather, and on the Wednesday we were buried in heavy. wet snow. 

Beautiful morning run.... on Tuesday.

And then Wednesday morning... the calm before the storm.

Just a few hours later the boys had managed to drag us outside to go sledging around the neighborhood and then to build a snowman.

Charlie going on for the hug...

Very sadly we woke up to NO POWER on the day of Thanksgiving. I was somewhat hopeful that it would come back on earlier enough so that we could cook our tofurky dinner... but in the meantime we headed to Timmy Hornton's for some breakfast and warmth.

As we sat there considering our options, our lovely friend and neighbour called to invite us to her inlaws whose power was still on. So off we went! We had absolutely nothing to bring, except a couple of bottles of wine, but they are all incredibly generous and we enjoyed some very traditional American Thanksgiving food (minus the turkey, of course) and it was very yummy. Raf discovered the delights of cranberry sauce, amongst other very amazing goodies.

We spent the afternoon there, watching movies in the cellar as football played upstairs, and en route home we saw the wonderful sight of 3 repair vans on our road. I literally screamed in delight! 30 minutes after we returned home, around 5pm, the power came back on. I have never been so happy to have electricity restored.

After a quick dinner we headed to bed with books, including some lovely new ones about 'big brothers' from our very thoughtful, generous friend, Sarah-Hope.

The next morning we managed to enjoy more of the snow... snow angels, icicles, and more as our tofurky cooked.

It was a delicious dinner. Tofurky, roast potatoes, mashed potatoes, roasted parsnips, asparagus, and squash, peas and green beans. The boys ate their weight in tofurky...

It was a lovely week, even with the power cut, and now we're gearing up for Christmas.... 

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