Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Day 2014

Christmas day was not in the least bit relaxing, but the boys (and the grownups, too) had a lovely day with plenty of pressies (too many, honestly) and good, good food. The night before, the boys read their Elf on the Shelf book for the final time and were both to sleep fairly quickly whilst their elf parents and grandma stayed up to prepare stockings and wrap the final gifts.

Charlie fast asleep...

And then his brother joined the sleeping party a little after 12.

At 4am Raf woke up to ask if Santa had been, I groggily suggested that he go back to sleep and he did for another couple of hours. And then it was all over and both boys were full of excitement as they spied their stockings.

Rafi exclaimed, 'what beautiful fruit'!

And then Charlie unwrapped my stocking and Raf, having ripped through his, helped Charlie get into the swing of things.

yes! The Kennebunkport Train that was on the boys' lists....!

And colouring books and lollipops...

And Daddy Juice...  For Rich.


The boys were content to colour for a little while and then we headed downstairs.


Santa had indeed visited...

Meany grownups insisted on breakfast before present opening...

Piles of pancakes and fruit and maple syrup... yum yum.

let's get to it...

The boys were completely crazed (well, Raf was). Charlie was opening any present he came upon, regardless of the intended recipient.

Another wanted present from Santa... trumpets!

And HOT WHEELS. Much to our dismay, many of these models allow for water so it was a wet, messy morning.

Half way through present opening we called a halt to any more unwrapping as the boys were so crazed. The weather was unseasonably warm and so they headed outside to play some football in some new shoes!!!!!

And then it was back in for lunch! Mum had brought over some mint sauce with her, which is a delicious accompaniment to tofurky :)

Sorry, doggies, you'll have your turn afterwards.

What a feast!

Christmas crackers...! Mum bought these from Waitrose so we had high hopes for good jokes, hardy hats, and fun presents inside, but they really were rubbish! Still, they were pretty.

Hats didn't last for long on the Oliver noggins...

And then it was back to MORE PRESENTS!

And a final gift from their sister... A dinosaur set.

The boys were zonked early on so we nixed our Christmas tea plans and the boys were tucked in bed fairly early on. The grown-ups stayed up for crackers, pickles, etc., but we were all glad to get to bed!

So glad that nana could be with us. Far too many presents... but the boys loved each and every one of them so thank you to all the generous friends, aunts and uncles, and nanas. xo

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