Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Advent: Day Six

This is one of our favourite Advent preparations (as Raf calls them)... 

Breakfast with Santa! Each year the education department where I work, hosts a really fun breakfast with Father Christmas. There are arts and crafts, food, Santa, and usually a sleigh ride. I managed to get hold of some last minute tickets (it's free but there are limited spaces) and on Saturday morning we headed to campus.

One of Charlie's favourite parts was eating! he loved the little potatoes that were served and then chowed down on a massive plate of melon.

Still eating, Mummy!

Meanwhile Raf went to do some arts and crafts and play some games.

Just as we were about to do some more crafting, though, we spied Santa... and the boys ran to the front of the line!

I have to say that this Santa was incredibly grumpy. I don't think he actually talked to the boys. I had to prod them to talk...! But Raf was super excited and Charlie seemed a bit non-plussed.

I managed to forget Charlie's coat, but that did not deter us from heading out into the freezing weather for a sleigh ride around campus. Charlie eventually snuggled into me under Rich's coat (who wisely elected to stay behind).

And then it was back for more crafting...

And more games. I didn't manage to get a shot, but Chas was a lunatic as he tossed the snowball to knock down the snowman cups!

It was a really fun morning... we had to dash as Raf had gym class and Charlie was badly in need of a nap.

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