Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Advents 11, 12, & 13

Day 11... Mum was flying in that evening (8pm) and Rich was out until late so our Advent preparation was a bit on the fly. As I tided up (maniacally!) the boys enjoyed a Christmas Picnic on the rug in the living room! Kiltie ate Charlie's sarnies...!!

I need to peel that, Chas!

The next morning the boys were absolutely overjoyed to see their Nana! And Nana was excited for the Advent fun!

Woo hoo! A dance party..  Alas, the boys were completely exhausted after school and swimming, so had to nix the dance party that evening and instead postponed it until the next day.

This made for a very busy Saturday. More swimming, gym class, and shopping... and back home for a dance party AND Saturday activities!

A day of decorating! We decorated the remaining Christmas tree (a foam one!), made some cookies to decorate, and then painted a little ornament Nana has brought over with her.

But first our dance party! Nana, Rich, and I all got into the spirit of the party, but, alas, none of us would like to share the video footage of us all in action! Still, there was a lot of dancing, singing, and music playing. It was a very fun hour.

And then on to Christmas cookie making. The boys helped to cut out the biscuit shapes (so we have some interesting looking stockings, gingerbread men, and stars...)

And then Rich and Nana helped finish off the other tree...

And then on to painting angels.

By the time they finished working on those projects it was time to decorate our lovely stack of biscuits.

And a lot of mess was made.

Charlie had an interesting way of putting on the sprinkles, which involved dumping out the entire tub on to a plate.

A very fun day, especially since Nana was there in the middle of it all!

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