Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Poppet 3

I have my ultrasound this morning to check up upon poppet 3. Yesterday I got some blood work back indicating that the chances of any neural tube defect are very low, and I'm hoping the scan goes just as well. It's difficult to imagine life with 3 children, and so this is feeling still quite surreal/unreal. Despite waking up at 2:30am this morning to vomit, and the fact that I can no longer squeeze into my usual clothes, this is not seeming very real.

Until last night when I was in Target with both of the boys. I'd been up since 3am, grading papers, and all of us were tired. Charlie's behavior slowly, and then quickly deteriorated, leaving me with a wailing 2 year old who wanted to climb dangerously on the trolley, swinging from the handles, climbing on the kids' seats, and smirking as he did it. After plenty of warnings I strapped the sad child into the seat and he completely broke down, sobbing and struggling to get out... so of course I let him loose. He wanted to 'walk', which meant immediately flopping to the ground in a fit of hysteria. I picked him up - only to more protests and a very floppy body - and then it was back to 'walking' (flopping on the floor) and so forth.

Hurrying out the shop, buying the very few things we'd managed to put in the trolley (the cashier was also not in good cheer, which somehow made it all even worse!), I imagined having another baby with me.

And then an unkind woman flipped me off in the car park. It was not a good time.

And then back to a disaster of a house, Advent activities to plan, dinner to cook, and a house to tidy/clean.

So a third kiddo should make this all a lot easier!!

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