Thursday, December 25, 2014

Advent: day 23 & Christmas Eve!

The final countdown to Christmas day began with a treasure hunt. The boys were exhausted after a day with Audrey and friends. They had a fabulous time but return utterly exhausted. 

So it was short and sweet... Raf was inexplicably scared of looking for the clues so Rich and I led the way up the stairs to find the first clue...

The treasure was where 'monkeys go to get clean'. I forgot to take a picture but it was a Captain Hook bath toy. The boys were eager to have their bath the next morning!

And a good job, too, as we had lots to do...

First we headed out for some last minute food shopping (some English goodies from Shaws), and as a treat we headed to the bookstore for some drinks and snacks and a final mooch around. I managed to withstand the purchasing of more pressies for the boys, and we headed home for some lunch and Mum and I headed back out again for even more last minute items.

As soon as I got back we readied ourselves to make cookies for Father Christmas. Charlie was really into the baking this time around.

And much, much mess was made.

On Christmas Eve we always have some soup and open our Christmas pyjamas. It was a combined effort to make some leek and potato soup and mum made some delicious garlic bread.

The boys were desperate to both change into their pyjamas AND to eat a chocolate treat so they did both at the same time.

Then it was hanging stocking time. Charlie wouldn't stand with his brother for a photo but they looked very sweet.

And then it was finally time to lay out Father Christmas' snack....

And say goodbye to the Elf...

Then Raf thought it might be a good idea to leave some wine out, too (GREAT idea, Raf) which one of them properly knocked over....

And finally some books before bed. They were out within minutes. A lovely but exhausting day.. with late night preparations and wrapping underway as these two snored away...!

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