Monday, December 8, 2014

Advent: Days 4 & 5

December is moving by so quickly. It's one of the busiest times of the year for me as it's the end of the semester and I'm trying to get end of year marking of exams and papers done, which is always a challenge. Rich is very busy at work, too, so is often home late. So on Thursday we enjoyed a simply, but very fun, Advent: hot chocolate (well, warmed up chocolate coconut milk) and cookies with Christmas stories in bed. 

It's very exciting, especially when there is a tin of cookies to look forward to...

Bath and then cookies!!!

We didn't really trust Charlie - the messiest eater in the world - to drink hot chocolate, even out of a bottle! But he did have a bit and then managed to get cookie all over the duvet.

On Friday night we planned to go to the Kennebunkport Prelude - specifically the tree lighting. Raf had swim class until 4:30 and Rich had to unexpectedly work late, so I took the boys down myself (it was cold!). We managed to score a parking spot not terribly far away from the event, and got to a decent spot 20 or so minutes before the lights were due to be turned on. Raf was sad not to be closer to the tree, but trying to maneuver the stroller through very bustling crowds proved impossible. Whilst we were only there for the actual tree lighting (tired boys and a cold mama) it was lovely to soak in the very festive atmosphere. 

Mind you, Charlie was utterly underwhelmed... ! Poor boy had to stay in the stroller as the crowds were just to big for me to watch both of them.

And here's the big countdown!

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