Sunday, December 28, 2014

Boxing Day x 2

Poor Rich had to work on Boxing Day (holidays here are so rubbish) and it was lovely weather, which made it all the more sad. The boys, Nana, and I enjoyed a nice day, though a lot of it was spent lying on the couch as we were all very tired from the pre-Christmas/Christmas activities. We did get outside, though, and the boys scooted (in various ways) around the neighborhood. The doggies enjoyed a nice walk, too, and I think they thought it might be Spring already (if only). 

As Charlie napped, Raf put together their new dinosaur set that their sister had bought them.

And after a lazy afternoon of playing (for the boys) and sitting for the grownups, we had our Christmas/Boxing Day tea. Lots of crackers, pickles, and various forms of Christmas cake and pie. Yummy.

Saturday - our unofficial Boxing day got off to a good start with breakfast in bed! The boys helped Rich and then they all came upstairs and helped me to eat it!

And as I caught up on Christmas blogging the boys played in bed... and whilst this looks lovely and peaceful, they're laughing because they're bopping each other on the head.

And Charlie tortures his brother as he quietly tries to watch something on YouTube.

Another glorious day here yesterday, with little wind, warm temps, and bight blue skies. The doggies had a super time. The difficulty taking the dogs and the boys to the beach at the same time is that the boys want to play in one area, whilst the doggies want to run around. Somewhat inevitably there is some whinging on the way back about being tired!

And after lunch and naps we all enjoyed another walk around the neighbourhood...

In the bright sky the boys managed to spy the moon.

There it is!

We're back to rain and then cold this week so I'm glad we made the most of some warmer temps.

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