Friday, December 5, 2014

Advents: Days 2 & 3

Advent fun is difficult to do during the work/school week, but we've had a nice few days with some very low key activities. Tuesday is my late night at work, and as it happens it was also a late one for Rich so the boys went to play at our friend and neighbour's house. That morning they opened their cracker and discovered a Christmas Thomas movie that both boys were wanting to watch.... Since we were up so early they managed to watch a little bit before school (much to their delight) and then finished watching it when we all got home late that evening. 

Toast and TV before school! Is there anything better?

School was canceled for Raf on Wednesday because of very icy conditions, so we were home for most of the day. This meant we had some time to work our letters to Father Christmas.


Raf wrote his letter in about 3 seconds flat as he was so excited. And we were surprised to see the addition of a trumpet to his list!

Charlie narrated his list whilst scribbling on the paper I was writing on...

Choo chop train, truck, car...

Raf's 5 second drawing! But I rather liked the tree and presents underneath it.

I hope Father Christmas knows where to find kids' trumpets!

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