Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Advent: Day One

Our big Advent countdown began on Monday... or, more precisely Sunday. Our first treat was putting up our Christmas tree, but given both Rich and I would be at work on Monday, we decided to pick up the tree on Sunday. This was a bit of a mistake as Raf was desperate (to put it mildly) to put up the tree immediately... 

During the Christmas tree search, there was some disagreement about which tree to take home... That one!

No, that one!

As light fell we managed to agree on a tree...

And Charlie was absolutely delighted and amazed to see the tree on our car, ready to come home with us.

The next morning, the boys were incredibly excited to find an Advent cracker. I managed to pick these up online. They have a little compartment for a note or treat, and then you pull the cracker to open it.

We got the tree up before school and work...

And I couldn't hold them off for long after school. So whilst we waited for Rich to return, the boys had free reign to decorate the tree. They had a lot of fun.

Ta da!

As much as we liked it, the ornaments were a little 'grouped' so we had a reshuffle.

As we put up the decorations, Charlie dutifully took them down.

One of our ornaments to remember my dad.

Tree complete, Rich and I opened an Advent beer! A couple of weeks ago we went to an Advent beer exchange. Basically you take 24 beers with you, wrapped in brown paper bags, and then pick out a random 24 beers to take home with you - one to open and drink on each day of Advent. What an idea!

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