Friday, April 3, 2009

time for a change...

What a misery I've been this week! Fortunately the end of the week brought with it some perspective.. and some optimism. So a quick lulu list...

1) I was coughing all night and feeling very ill and even had Rich cancel my wonderful prenatal massage appointment.. but, thank goodness, I felt better later this morning and managed to get to the gym. Ive been using the elliptical whilst pregnant and since it's non-weight-bearing I don't feel quite so graceless. I also lifted some weights and felt grateful that I feel so strong and fit, even!

2) Even though work is crazily busy, I'm extremely grateful that the end of the semester is drawing to an end, and I'm extremely, extremely grateful for being granted leave in this fall. Thank you!

3) I ordered the home-study hypnobabies class on Wednesday. Time is moving so quickly...

4) Rich is putting cream on my feet, as I type, and I am very grateful for that.

5) ... and having the poppet.. and how, despite all the sickness, that this has been such a healthy pregnancy thus far.

6) Whilst I have a lot of longing for family and belong, etc., I have really a lovely surrogate family in the form of my friends. And for you readers, too :)

7) Very excited that someone - Jen and David! - have offered to host a baby shower for us. What a lovely, lovely thing.

8) And, again, whilst the homesickness is there I feel more than fortunate that Deb is taking care of me and the poppet and that (all being well) she'll help see him into this world. It's very, very special.


  1. dearest A,
    so glad you are feeling a bit was nice to read a "good" thing list...and I am so glad you are able to exercise throughout your pregnancy it makes labor WAY easier!!!

    so much love to you,
    love Tara

  2. I'm glad things are looking up. We are so lucky to be your friends, Alex. And the shower is an honor to do!

    Jen (again logged on as David)

  3. Thanks, Tara. I'm hoping that exercising will help with the endurance :) I really feel pretty strong when I workout. Even though on my evening walk I was huffing and puffing going up the hill :) But it was a pretty long walk - 6 miles - and I felt GREAT. I went to the gym this morning, too, and it was great seeing another pregnant woman (one of Rich's colleagues) who's ahead of me by about 6 weeks, still running (she's a marathon runner).. I hope that this continues into the third trimester (shortly here)!

    Aw, Jen, I feel SO lucky to have you as friends. I really do. I am sure that I'd have gone quite mad without you this past few months. Much love to you, my friend.