Sunday, April 5, 2009


What a busy weekend. In between grading, going to the gym, and cleaning up, we visited Toys R Us to check out cribs. I've been looking online for weeks trying to find a crib made of eco-wood and non-toxic paints. Alas, unless we mortgage the house (again!) it'll have to be a compromise. I found one that's made out of solid wood and non-toxic paint, at least, and was able to invest in a really great organic mattress without the horrible toxic stuff they usually put in them. We also went and picked up some non-toxic paint to start on the nursery....

Here's what I ended up ordering online (I also ordered a changing table to match the crib).

We decided to buy a crib... We plan to co-sleep but we plan to have him nap!! Just in case we don't use it very much, we invested in a crib that turns into a toddler bed and full bed.

We decided to invest in an expensive, organic, non-toxic mattress. Boy, was it expensive!! $300 was more than we spent on our kind sized mattress :) But this got super reviews, and from everything I've read on SIDS a mattress is really key.

We bought a maxi cosi car seat to turn the stroller into a travel system. The car seat has fantastic safety reviews and is very lightweight.

I also started to register for stuff. I feel very odd doing this - though also so grateful that we might get some help :) We're planning on a green theme for the shower (thanks, Jen). I will need help with some shower etiquette, people!Shoppin


  1. Well weren't you two the expert shoppers this weekend! It sounds like you made some really great purchases, though--money well spent.

    I'm not much of an expert on shower etiquette, but especially when you have a theme like this, I think people would find it helpful that you'd registered. So that is good.

    Can't wait to plan the shower!


  2. Hi Jen! I was logging on to email you!

    Hope everything is going well with the family visits :)

    We did do a lot of shopping!!! And right now i'm just writing up a draft shower guest list. That is a much harder task than I'd imagined...!!

    THANKS so much for doing this for us, Jen. It means a lot.
    Love A

  3. the only important shower etiquette is that i am invited.

    really, it is in all of the books - "invite renate"


    also, your blog has been such an eye-opener for when i have children. who knew there were so many toxins to be mindful of in buying baby furniture and such!? you would think that they would avoid putting toxins in things designed for children, wouldn't you?


    love you lots,

  4. Im so glad you are getting so much are so well prepared far greater then I ever was:) and I manage so Im sure you will be a great mom..actually you already are!!! as for shower etiquette..well youll figure it out as you go along...and as long as you send out thankyou notes ( a real bitch) well then your all set!!!!

    cant wait til your third trimester hits...this is getting REALLY exciting!!!

    lots of love, Tara

  5. ha, I just sent you a link for a crib; should've checked here first! :)

    love lulu

  6. You'd think they'd be a bit more mindful, wouldn't you!?! There is so much rubbish in mattresses, though.. all those flame retardants are horribly toxic. I'm also aware that I might be a bit overly cautious in this regard :)

    Ren - of COURSE you're invited!

    Thanks, Tara! You're a sweety. Aw, the thank you notes.. yes, must remember to do that!!!! And it really is going quickly! 100 days to go. Yikes :)

    Thanks, lulu! I got your email and the crib is just beautiful! Alas, it was about the same price as all the others!!

    Love, A

  7. hiya you two (three)

    green sounds perfect. and all this shopping (horribly expensive or otherwise) seems so exciting, ah alex your going to have a baby !!!!!! (it's not just that I am slow to catch on it just seems genuinely wonderful that there will be a little fellow in that car-seat and in that cot in not that long).

    love love love lucy x

  8. I know, Lucy!!! Now this little fella is rockin' and rollin' inside of me it's becoming evermore real. And I really don't have to point out to anyone that I am expecting a bambino!!

    Love, A