Tuesday, April 28, 2009

79 days...

It's the final day of classes!! We have meetings, the grading of finals, etc. to do but the semester itself is finally at an end. I am teaching 2 summer courses, but they're both online. I have yet to construct one of the courses, though, so the next few weeks will be hectic. Working from home, though, will be fine, and I suspect that something to keep me busy during June might be a good thing.

I have been feeling extremely smug about having avoided all colds this year.. in fact I so rarely get colds that I often feel smug.. oh dear, because now I have a horrid head-cold. I barely have a voice (much to everyone's delight, I'm sure), my head is pounding, and I have a nice little cough to boot. I know that pregnancy lowers your immunity so I shouldn't be surprised that I feel so rotten. What doesn't help is that the poppet is enjoying squishing my lungs, at the moment, making it difficult already to breathe.

The delights of pregnancy :)

The time is really ticking now, though. Just 79 days to go.. and on the basis of my last scan it's more like 68, or something! We're slowly getting ready. I painted precisely one wall of the nursery and Rich has been doing the rest. Hopefully, we'll finish it this weekend - and that includes the furniture up, etc, too.

After class I'm rushing off to Babies R Us to buy a rather delightful organic bunny bedding set which is on sale until tomorrow... What do you think?

Now, though, I'm rushing off the class...


  1. oooooh I love it! I absolutely love it

    and I'm sorry about your cold, darlin


  2. Thanks, Sarah!! I picked up the duvet today as well as picture and a clothes hamper. Of course all of this is for me... as he'll be in our room for a long time :)

    boy, this cold has me wiped out. I lay down this afternoon and fell asleep. I just feel all over rotten. But you know I have found something which helps with both the nausea and sore throat: soy milk blended with any frozen fruit. It's delicious. It is helping to take away the only one craving that I have at the moment: ice cream thick shake,, which i haven;t had since I was about 15!!

    Any chance of you making it up to Maine in May :)

  3. mmmm, that smoothie sounds AMAZING! now i want one.

    also, i simply love that bedding. i think it looks so peaceful and comforting, just what your little man needs :)

    love you!

  4. lovely, lovely bedding :) you have great taste!

  5. love the bunny bedspread. the color scheme, everything, i approve, because i know you need me to, haha.

    i get the lung thing. le sigh. i live with a perpetual chest cold every day of my life (so to speak). sending healing vibes your way...


  6. Oh ps thr last comment was from me - Brie!

  7. Ren, I have so many different combos, too! I just had a blueberry and vanilla soy milk shake. Delicious. Isn't the bedding cute? Frankly I'll be curling up with the little duvet that comes with it :)

    Why thank you, Em.. especially as I think your taste is impeccable.. and thus it is a high compliment indeed!

    Aw dear Brie, the lung stuff gave it away. I have new insight (albeit extremely limited) into your terrible suffering with your allergies and asmtha . I woke up in the night barely able to breathe and it was pretty bloody awful.

    Love, A

  8. You're right that the bedding is for you. Sage ended up (via hand-me-downs) with so much stuff that we've never ever used, especially the stuff for different parenting techniques. You may recall we had a crib in our bedroom for four years, never used as such. Kids don't care.

  9. You're absolutely right, David! I'm going to post something later about bassinets... whether we need one. We're planning on co-sleeping but the little guy will need to nap and I'd like to have something quite mobile to move around... But I don't know if I need a bassinet, a moses basket type thing, or something else entirely. Someone mentioned to me getting a pack n' play so you can use it for multiple usages.

    I wish I was one of those minimalist mamas. I *try* to be... it doesn't come very naturally to me!

  10. Do you have one of those plastic laundry baskets? A soft, thick blanket? Big flat pillow? For naps, if he's not in the sling (which is what Sage did--remember, babies can sleep through anything and prefer movement and noise), that would do just fine. Low tech works great! Plus, if you nap him in the sling, you can nurse him from there, too.


    So glad the smoothies are working out!