Wednesday, April 22, 2009

28 weeks

We had our 28 week scan this morning. I had a bit of a scare in the night when I woke up and realized that I couldn't feel the little guy moving. He is usually extremely active at 1:30 in the morning... and so I lay there trying to prod him awake, I went downstairs and grabbed a very cold drink hoping that would stir him. Not much did. I could feel some gentle movements when I really prodded, but for two hours I lay there worrying. I eventually nodded off back to sleep at 3:30, only for my alarm to get me up an hour later. Of course he was moving around at 5am - and I was glad for that!

As ever, I was a bit nervous about the scan. Rich requested the usual Russian sonographer (also a medical doctor) and we were fortunate that she was available. We saw immediately that he was bouncing around.. and that he looked great! Some of the highlights:

He is a BIG fella. His head size is measuring almost 2 weeks ahead, and his abdomen is not far behind. He has little legs, though (like his mama, it seems), but he weighed in at a whopping 2 pounds 9oz which means he's measuring over a week ahead. In spite of all the sickness this little guy is really growing. We watched him 'practice' his breathing - which is apparently a great sign as his central nervous system is powering up (I may be making that part up!). Oddly enough he already has HAIR!

The Dr. said that this was quite unusual at such a young age, but then asked if I was still sick? She responded that the same powerful hormones growing his hair are the same ones that are making me sick as can be.

So, we have a monkey-baby on the way, with a huge head and shortish legs :)

I'll post a couple of DVD clips later - but if you watch it you can see how he opens his eyes and winks at us, pokes out his tongue, and then very sweetly rubs his eyes with his bunched up fists. He started sucking on his hand at one point.. very adorable :)

Hiding from us....

Sticking his tongue out!

Here he is winking at us :)


  1. Ah how gorgeous! I think the Oliver genes are to blame for the size, both Gabriel and this one measure/d way in front when it came to head and tummy but had perfectly average legs! G's head was on the 98th centile when he was born I'm afraid, better get doing those pelvic floor exercises...! Eek! x

  2. oh he is SO GORGEOUS, Alex! I can't believe the detail you can see. That's amazing. Absolutely amazing. Thank you for sharing these photos!!

  3. LOL, I think you're right, Alice.. I'm a bit worried :) Oh my, that's a big head. From what I can tell from the head size so far, this little one's head is in the 97th percentile. Yikes. Maybe his little legs will catch up soon, and, even better, he'll come a couple weeks early!! How's that tea drinking and bouncing on the ball going?!! I can't believe how soon your little one will be here. I am guessing a girl :)

    Thanks, Sarah! Isn't he?!!

    Love, A

  4. what a darling. my brother was born with a near afro, a completely full head of thick black hair!