Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Poppet on Film: Part Three!

The beginning is a little dull, but forward to around 2:30 minutes and you can see Poppet doing all sorts of cute things (if you can work out the body parts). He winks, rubs his little eyes with his fist, and is basically all around sweet.


  1. How adorable! Are those eyelashes I see? Too cute :-)

  2. You know, I thought in the last scan that I saw some hair, but I forgot to ask about it. What an adorable film. This 4D is really *amazing*.

    It sounds like he may be changing his night-time behavior at times, resting a bit? I'm glad that all is still well with him, Alex. And yes, he is growing!! What a big boy already.

    I loved the eye-rubbing the best. Just so cute. I know this is probably ridiculous but I could swear I saw some resemblance to Richard!

    Hope you're hanging in. I'm poised to make you some food. You poor dear!


  3. Thanks, Krystine! I think they maybe eye lashes! Since I am very blonde with no eyelashes that anyone can discern (they're there... you just can't see them because I'm so fair!) I'm thinking he must be taking after Rich. We were trying to understand how gene expression works, and from my limited understanding I don't think we stand much of a chance of a blue eyed, blonde boy...

    Aha, Jen, I think you're right about the Rich resemblance!!! It was very sweet as we could see this fuzziness around his head when the scan was turned on to the regular 2D scan. But I wonder if he did have hair at the 24 week scan. Lord, he's going to be a hairy little fella!

    I think it's pretty amazing how much he's grown despite the challenges with food aversions, etc. No wonder I've been so depleted - he's needed everything I have!

    Very excited that the semester is almost at an end. I'm feeling quite a bit better, and we have a lovely weather weekend to look forward to, as well!!

    Love, A

  4. I forgot to say, too, that I was comparing scans (I KNOW!) and in four weeks his face has really filled out!!! I can't believe the difference... think how chubby those cheeks will be when when he's born :)

  5. he is SO CUTE. i still can't get over seeing his features and how he actually looks as opposed to a regular scan that more or less looks the same for every baby. AMAZING.

    also, you COULD have a blondie, if Rich has any any ANY blond in his family. case in point, you know what my parents look like (dark dark curly hair, both of them, rather olivey skin) and my brother was born fair and blue-eyed with these amazing blond curls. of course, they didn't STAY that way, but i'm just saying :)


  6. Thanks Fia! You know I was searching for a family member in the Oliver/Sawyer clan and I couldn't really find someone that would indicate some recessive blonde gene hanging around! Maybe Rich's sister... who I think has green eyes (though I don't know what her real hair colour is... any ideas, Alice or Rich?). BUT, I was thinking that I'd least pass on a recessive gene so I might have a blonde grandchild :)

    Love, A

  7. Steph was blonde as a child and Christian claims to have been fair when he was tiny too. G is not as dark as you'd think he ought to be going by both mine and C's natural hair colour, so you never know, you could produce a blondie yet.

    Very cute video by the way, if you think that's captivating just wait til he's here - you'll do nothing but stare and marvel at him for, well, the rest of your life!