Sunday, April 19, 2009

baby shower excitement!

I don't know what to blog about... our baby class, which we attended yesterday, or the upcoming shower. I cannot express enough how excited I am about the shower! I am not a huge celebrator, and generally avoid the fact, for example, that it's my birthday. Even when I received my doctorate I decided against attending graduation and don't recall that we did anything whatsoever... and then there are anniversaries and holidays... well, we're useless. I don't love the spotlight, either, and it's partly what compelled us to have a tiny, tiny wedding. We had just a few guests, we organized everything the week before, and did absolutely nothing special... well, we did head to the cinema and watched the horror film 'Red Dragon' on our wedding night... The idea of lots of people coming to a wedding whereby I'd (we'd) be the focus was a little horrifying, and yet here I am as excited as can be about our upcoming baby shower!

Jen, David, and Sage are hosting the shower at their home. I really feel so grateful to them... what great friends we have. We have a 'green theme' for the shower (organic, natural, environmental, etc). Jen picked out a few templates for the invitations - all of them based on a woodland theme... all were beautiful but we eventually picked one out. We're having the shower on May 16th, with a rain date of the 17th planned. It's a vegan/veggie potluck event, and hopefully it'll be warm and dry so that we can spend some time outside.

I've only ever been to two showers (we don't have them in the UK), and my sense is that they weren't especially traditional ones. Like the ones we've been to (Jen's and my friend Kate's) it's going to be co-ed, and I don't recall playing games.. so maybe we won't be playing games!! We have registered... and while it does feel a bit icky to list things that we want people to buy us (eek), we're at the same time so very appreciative.

Of course I'm also a bit nervous about the shower. Will people come, will Rich faint or pass-out when he has to open gifts in front of people (he enjoys being in the spotlight even more than me :) ), will my very diverse friends get along... and what will I wear (also read as 'what will I be able to squeeze into)?' At least I don't have to worry about a family member getting very drunk... :)

Even with some of these anxieties - which might ordinarily put a stop to any thought of celebration or festivities - I'm really excited. It feels like such a wonderful, affirming thing to celebrate a new addition to a family.


  1. it sure is! can't wait to hear about it and see pics.

    love ash

  2. You are too funny, Alex. Don't worry--we'll be very informal! Plus, there is not really any one place in our house where everyone will fit, so you don't have to worry about having TOO big of an audience for opening your gifts.

    We are very honored to be able to throw a party for two of our very favorite people!

    Can't wait.


  3. Oh, Ash, I wish Colorado was closer :) I would have loved for you to be there. But I will be sure to take plenty of photos :)

    Aw, thank you, Jen :) You're a sweetheart...

    Love, A

  4. Hey Alex: Sage will probably be the center of everyone's attention anyway. And even if she's not, you two can relax and hide in the basement if you need to. I'm so looking forward to your shower.