Thursday, April 16, 2009

hello third trimester and new nephew :)

EDITED to add photos of past weeks

Depending on which source I confer, the third trimester begins either at 27 or 28 weeks. I'm going to opt and go with the source which says 27 weeks because I surely feel as though I am in the final tri!

Almost 16 weeks

19 weeks

23 weeks

And here's me at 27 weeks - almost SEVEN months - pregnant. Wow, I really don't feel THAT big! The funny thing is that from one side my tummy looks perfectly fine.. from the other side there's a great big bump poking out, seemingly randomly, where the little poppet has some body part jabbed into one of my vital organs... Oy, I do look a little deformed :)

I am carrying HIGH! I feel like a big egg!

Here's a close up of the odd bump... any guesses as to what part of the poppet it corresponds?!

In really exciting news, my sister had a little boy this morning. Rory Samuel weighed in at around 7pounds 5 ounces. Everyone is doing well. I'll post a pic as soon as I get one.


  1. Aww you look awesome! I have no idea what baby part that is, but I know my girl likes to push (I think) her bottom right up against the front of my tummy and it's such strong pressure I can hardly stand it. Does he kick your ribs yet or is he not that high? I think I'm carrying pretty low just from where I feel her kick; sometime it feels like she's going to fall out! 13 more weeks!! Oh, and congratulations on the nephew. What fun :)

  2. Looks like a back/bottom to me, I currently have the same effect going on - attractive! My bump is looooow, I must take a photo soon. Consultant today estimated birth weight at 8.5lb-ish. A vast improvement on my 9lb 5oz whopper of a son... You're looking fab to me! x

  3. congratulations auntie! xoxo

  4. hey alex

    you look fantastic! I hope that bed rest isn't driving you too mad.

    love lucy x

  5. LOL, Alice, I think you're right! I am a little spooked by that odd bump, though! I am SO glad to hear that this little one is not on the scale of Big G! You poor thing!! Rich is a few inches shorter than Christian and I'm hoping that translates into a smaller baby!! And yes, DO take that photo. I noted you were carrying low in the last photo... I am looking forward to the day when this guy drops... just a bit!

    OH, Krystine, I have had a bit of rib kicking! Though I think, right now, he's mostly pushing my organs up and out. I stress fractured my rib rowing last year and so I'm not looking forward to finding out whether it's still painful!

    Thanks, Sarah! From one new Auntie to another :)

    Thanks, sweet Lucy. Thank goodness it's not full bed rest.. just no work and no working out. I don't mind the former!

    Why thank you, Jen! I just edited the post to add pics of the other weeks.. I feel a bit better about the egg shape when I see them in series!!

    I think I finished my diaper registry, guys! It has so much stuff on it... I wish I were a minimalist. I know I WANT to be.. I also know it's not in my nature!! THANK YOU Alice for helping to start my diaper stash!


  6. There's a baby in there!!!!! A baby making itself very cosy, too. Bless him. You (or your tummy!) look wonderful.

    how exciting, time is flying x

  7. You have one of the most perfect baby bumps I have ever seen. Seriously, it is absolutely precious (and not large by any means).

    Just beautiful, truly.

    Lots of love,

  8. you are beautiful.

    and you want to share the link to your diaper registry, of course....???

  9. Thanks, Lou! There really is a little fellow in there!! I can barely believe it...

    Oh, Ren, thank you... I don't feel especially big, but then I catch a glimpse of myself!!

    I have registered, Fi! And trying not to feel all icky about it.. But I registered in two places: Baby's R Us.. you can search under Alex Campbell.. and also here:

    I think I may have committed a real faux pas in terms of shower etiquette by telling you this :)

    Love you. Can't wait to see you and Ren and LL!!!!

  10. alex, it's only bad etiquette to write it on the actual invite. if someone asks, it's fine to share. (that's what I've always heard, at least)

    the bump is absolutely stunning...though I would love to see one of you with your beautiful face attached as well. :)

    love lulu

  11. oh, and I think it's his back pressing up against the outside world, as well.