Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Where did this come from?!

This week a lot of people have been kindly(!?) telling me how huge I am. Now, I am not sure 'huge' is a word that one ever wishes to hear... but it seems that there is no hiding things now. I definitely look pregnant to the unknowing onlooker (although I did have to actually point it out to the associate dean last week, when he asked me to do something over the summer). Oh well.

I've been taking pictures on my i-mac this past month or so. What a difference a month can make:

I felt as though I had really popped here, at 19 weeks (the day after the scan)

But, oh, my! What has happened at 23 weeks and a bit weeks? I'm now 24 weeks and I feel even bigger. What's shocking to me is that I only gained a pound and a half between 20 and 23 weeks. What have the next few months got in store for me?!


  1. I look like that after a large meal when NOT pregnant :-D. Your bump is looking lovely!

    I will send you a photo of me at 38 weeks last time - now THAT will scare the bejesus out of you! x

  2. hi cutie(s)!

    you look beautiful, Al, even in jammies with your shirt pulled up :)
    I'm so sad that I'm not closer by - somehow seeing pictures brings that home.

    Ellen had a similar "jump" at six monthsish. You should see her now, approaching her eight month! No denying there's a person in there.

    Love you and miss you, honey. That present will be in the mail SOMEday - well before Rafi can wear it, anyway!

  3. wow! That is one gorgeous bump, babe. fantastic! I love those moments where all of a sudden things shift. of course that's easy for me to say as I am not the person upon whom things are shifting. But it's amazing to witness. Thanks for sharing it here love.

  4. OMG I love it!! You make me miss being pregnant. You look wonderful and I am so happy for you...This has been an amazing journey and I feel so blessed you have let us all be a part of it. Thankyou Alex..thankyou

    love, Tara

  5. This is so exciting! It is indeed a beautiful bump! Pregnancy is the only time I think most women actually rejoice in getting bigger tummies. It is so amazing to think the little one is in there growing every day.



  6. wow beautiful woman,

    thanks for posting these pictures they are just amazing.

    love lucy x

  7. that is a beautiful bump :) aww. love, ren

  8. Thanks, everyone! Wow, I have really exploded in a week, it seems!! I don't think it helps that I am quite short in the torso (well, I'm short everywhere!) and that there's no where to go but out. Yikes.

    Alice, you look just wonderful in your recent maternity shots. I'm looking forward to the 38 week pic :)

    And, Jen, wow, I LOVED seeing your pics from late in your pregnancy. You looked wonderful... it's so funny to think of Sage being in there!!

    Aw, fi, I wish you were closer, too.

    xo Alex

  9. hi alex, I'm always late to finding you here, but I have to stop and tell you how beautiful these pictures are. beautiful beautiful beautiful. and I remember a dear friend in her first pregnancy once said my favorite line, which went something like, "Everybody talks like this is so wonderful and beautiful and, yes, sure, everybody's doing it, all the time, throughout history, all over the world, women are pregnant and giving birth...That doesn't detract from the fact that it's so incredibly strange to have this life growing inside of me!"

    I imagine when you have the growth spurts you must be struck by the beauty and miracle and strangeness of it all...(I mean that in the best way, btw.)

    love love love love love


  10. Thanks, lulu, love.

    Your friend's comment resonates so much... and even more so now that I can feel him much more, AND now that I can actually visualize (with the help of those ultrasounds!) just what he's doing. Sometimes I feel like I must have been the only woman to have ever been pregnant because, really, it seems to me to be the most phenomenal thing that I have ever done... and of course it's the most basic thing, too :)

    And, wow, is it strange! When I step back and think about what is going on RIGHT NOW, then, phew, it just seems irreal.

    Thanks for stopping by, lulu.