Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A holiday list

Hi folks,

This internet connection is too slow to blog much of anything, much less post photos... so a quick placeholder entry:

A quick list:

1) It is beautiful here... the weather has been very, very kind: in the 80s, sunny, with a light afternoon breeze.

2) We've visited some lovely beaches. our favourtie is Fort DeSoto. We're about to head there now to go kayaking.. hopefully :)

3) We have done one hike. This was a bit torturous, actually, as we got hopelessly lost. I now cannot walk without some serious limping. This has placed a big obstacle in respect to our tennis plans, but I can still lie next to the pool or on the beach and read. Phew!

4) We've had many plans to visit lots of nice restaurants... alas, I am so tired come 6pm that we invariably stay in and cook our own food (we're staying in an apartment).

5) We LOVE watching the little kiddos imagining little Raffi on holiday. But, I have also noted how horribly judgmental I have become of others' parenting. But, boy, these poor kids...


  1. lost in the florida jungle! oh no!

    lying next to the pool or on the beach, reading is my all time absolutely favorite way to spend a vacation. yum. xoxo

  2. so happy to hear you're having a good time, sweetheart x

  3. What a fun week you're having! Good for you, Alex! Sorry about the foot but yes, what a great excuse to lay around and read. ;-)


  4. i used to be v. judgmental too. now i have a lot more empathy ... parenting is unrelenting and v. hard work and people are often not equipped with the skills they need to cope.

    i'm glad you are having such a lovely holiday.


  5. Morning, everyone! Well, another hot hot hot day in Florida.. I am sort of missing Maine!

    em, you're so wise... And I can definitely imagine myself feeding my kids chocolate and plonking them in front of the TV just for some quiet... and I can't imagine what else I'll do. But I hear you. I think on Monday I saw a situation where you wondered how the kids had any self-esteem at all. It was pretty sad.

    The foot is such a pain...!! Can't believe that I am still hobbling around. I emailed Deb and on her advice went to the urgent place in Tampa. The concern is a possible stress fracture. Yikes. But I'm going to wait until I get home to see if it gets better... I'd rathe rot have an radiation coursing its way through me.

    Today we're going to hang out by the pool and then into St Petersburgh for a spot of shopping.. and then we're meeting up with a fellow mum-to-be from one of the pregnancy message boards I belong to. We're both due July 16th :) I'm really looking forward to it!

    Thanks for stopping by, friends.
    Love A

  6. glad you're having a good time. so jealous. ;)

    i used to be quite judgemental of parents myself until i became one. it's still so awful to see parents screaming at their kids in the grocery store, etc, but when i see a kid at a park with pj's on and messy hair, i no longer think, "what on earth is his mother thinking?" i think, "ooh. must have been a rough morning, and i can empathize!"

  7. I am so glad you are enjoying your trip. I am jealous of the warm weather/beautiful beaches, etc. But you deserve every moment of it. Love ya honey. xoxo

  8. how is your foot, sweetie?