Monday, March 2, 2009

Nursery Themes

Another snow-day here in Maine, and I am really, really ready for winter to be over. And then I remember that I'll be VERY pregnant come June/July, and I am feeling nervous about the heat, the swelling.. yes, the rather large tummy :) But, before I have to contend with that we have our Florida vacation on the horizon!

We can't wait... 7 days on the Gulf Coast, doing nothing but reading, relaxing, playing tennis, swimming, hiking, and sitting on the balcony watching the sunset. And EVEN if the weather wasn't too wonderful, anything has to be better than these frigid temperatures and the mountains of snow we're dealing with.

While we're there we'll be thinking hard about nursery themes! I realize that this is all for ME, especially since we'll likely co-sleep or, in the very least, the baby will be in with us. But the thought of a nursery is just lovely, to me at least! So we're thinking of 'themes' - something to orient the room, something bright and colourful.

Or... maybe neutral and organic :)

I rather like these safari animals

Our friend, Linda, is a wonderful artist and she's offered to paint us a mural... which would be super. But what to do... The other thought is more of a woodland theme.

Would love your ideas...


  1. Oh, cute, cute, cute! And totally gender neutral, which I love also.

    There are just SOOOOO many ADORABLE baby nursery things out there. It is absolutely overwhelming. (There is also SOOOOO much pink and blue schlock!)

    I don't have any new ideas for you just now--do love the two you mentioned--but I'm very excited to see how this develops. ;-)


  2. Thanks, Jen! I was going to add... we don't want a 'gendered' room, though with my love of pink I don't think that Raffi would mind some splashes of the colour :)

    We've also been thinking of shower themes!!!!! So much to think about...! I need to write a lengthy post about diapers/nappies; prams/strollers; pumping and using bottles, and the list goes on!

    Love, A

  3. I LOVE the owl on the wall. Love him!!

  4. I kind of like the woodland animal theme. Safari animals seem so (sorry) cliché, but the woodland guys are just so different and cute!

  5. I'm with Kristina :) Could Linda paint a woodland mural that includes animals (maybe realistic-ish ones?) that Raffi will actually see growing up in Maine? You know, a woodland theme with chickadees and a black bears? Or an ocean theme with puffins!

    Just a thought.

    I always though (because you know i THINK about things like designing a baby's room) that I'd choose one of these blankets ( and design around that, with colors that match the rich tones in the blanket.

    But of the two you posted, I also vote woodland!


  6. Morning, all.

    I'm proctoring an exam and using the time to look for more themes :)

    K, you're so right about the safari theme. The trouble is I have a weakness for little baby elephants and giraffes!

    Fi, we've been talking about exactly that!! And then we were thinking.. oh, we'll have something with very strong colours to start with - because I read that babies respond well to strong contrasts, etc - and THEN, when they're a little older go for the woodland scene... See, I have us redoing the nursery every few months!

    BUT, I found a lovely, lovely tree design-mural in a magazine, and pictured all those woodland animals dancing around the trees and so we're leaning more and more towards the woods. It will also remind us of 'home' (Think Watership Down with all those lovely,lovely rabbits).

    And, Ash, how lovely is that owl? You can actually buy a cuddly version of the owl on the wall. I'm not sure if THIS would be the actual set we'd get, or whether we'd even get a 'set' per se, and if any of you have ideas then point them to me....

    Love, A

  7. You might get some ideas from the pictures of nurseries that were entered in our last contest. And when you're done, you can enter your own in the current contest.

  8. i love that owl!!! I love the pictures and that's the sort of thing I would go for. There are certain colours that babies respond to first aren't there? Or have i made that up?!