Sunday, March 22, 2009


Another busy week followed by a busy weekend... but it's been quite a nice couple of days. I have been taking photographs of my ever expanding tummy, and, mercy, is it growing on a daily basis. Last night, when we were out at a lecture, it was the first time that people seemed to realize that I was definitely pregnant!

I will have to post pics... well, maybe :)

Whilst I'm not a fan of evolutionary explanations of the human species - especially when it comes to sex/gender - I have been caught off guard by something: nesting.

Now, I'm not someone who you could accuse of being house proud, though it's true that space is important to me... but nesting, etc? Well, apparently (or perhaps it's maybe a VERY rational realization that we have to be more organized and prepared...

This was few weeks I have been lamenting about the state of our floors. With two dogs and a kitty and a gritty driveway during mud season, our hardwood floors and rugs are plenty dirty. Our newish vacuum does a terrible job. This has been causing no end of internal angst... and it's given rise to a desire for a Dyson. I know, i know!!

Rich has not been so keen on the idea... which made me quite cross as I'm not quite sure he's getting it. Yesterday, though, I convinced myself that we just have to have one.. and of course they're extremely expensive. Extremely. Rich just couldn't see the point in it.

" Don't you care that our rugs are in need of a good clean, that our floors are always dirty because of the pups. And don't you care that little Rafi will be crawling amongst the doggy hair and the cat fur?"

And so the discussion ensued.

I did get a little upset about it (yikes) and by the time we got to the talk (an amazing lecture my Dr. Greger, speaking on human health and nutrition) I'd browbeaten poor old Rich into thinking that a very expensive Dyson was a good idea.

So, today, whilst we were looking for new bathroom suites (not so much a nesting thing but a necessity given our current bathrooms) I saw that Home depot were having a sale on their Dysons.. Oh, lord, I just couldn't resist and we came home with the Dyson Animal...

I spent a blissful couple of hours hoovering our rugs and, yikes, how filthy they were. Even Rich was impressed :)

I am finding that I have a desire for everything to be clean and finished... and we have lots to finish. I did find some non-toxic paint for the poppet's nursery today, which made me endlessly happy. And this morning I bypassed the gym so that I could get on with some chores - which included doing our taxes. I barely recognize myself!!


  1. "I barely recognize myself!" LOL!

    You are so funny! Love this story. Yay re. the Dyson. And remember that good old vinegar and water does a great job on hardwood and tile floors, totally non-toxic for little crawlers.

    It also may be comforting to know that it is good for little ones to be exposed to the occasional germ and allergen. I read somewhere that that strengthens their immune systems and may make them less likely to have as many allergies later. So whatever your Dyson misses will be okay.

    Congrats on the new purchase.

    And I know what you mean about the nesting thing! It's weird but it really is quite rational. ;-)


  2. ah yes... nesting...

    and you will be very glad to have clean floors when raffy is crawling and picking up everything that he can see and putting it in his mouth!


  3. I had to laugh a bit as I read your comment, Jen, as there is little danger of me being too clean! I often lament at my cleanliness standards.. especially around germs!

    Thanks, Em! With two puppies and a not so clean kitty, I shudder at what the poor poppet might pick up! After all, Sammy's favorite thing to do is to get in the cat litter... and, well, perhaps I needn't say more!!!

    One of my oldest friends reads this blog, and she emailed to tell me how much she laughed at the thought of me nesting... it's just a little bit out of character :)

  4. Mmmm. Okay, well let's hope that Raffy does not encounter any kitty unmentionables. Around our house we call the ones outside the litter box "clingons" (a little Star Trek humor); they get stuck to Emily's long fur and then she leaves them around the house. I seem to remember swooping in a time or two and grabbing one in the nick of time before a small fist closed over it.