Friday, March 20, 2009

A bit of a moan...

It's hard to believe that I am close to six months! The past couple of months have flown by. Increasingly, I am becoming very impatient for the little guy to arrive. When I was driving home from my evening class on Monday, tired and with a horrid headache, I thought about how lovely it would be to be going back to the Poppet. I just can't wait!

But then again I have done so little so it's probably a good thing that we have a few more months :)

Things have been very busy and stressful at work. I have taken on far too much this semester, and keep on taking more... I am feeling somewhat indebted that the Dean has given me paid leave in the fall... for the ENTIRE semester. I am extremely, extremely fortunate as there is no policy at the university, and previous deans and presidents have been very much against it. While I will be given a few tasks to do from home (just working on our department website, for now), it means that I will have from the middle of May to the middle of January off. Phew.

In being so appreciative I keep saying yes to students, other faculty, the dean, etc., and this work I feel so thoroughly worn out.

Warning... this is a bit of a whinge...

But I feel so fatigued and run down. I'm not sleeping at all well, even though I wake up at 3am VERY tired, I can't seem to fall back to sleep. I think it's the fact that Poppet is having a little dance party, or something. That, and I have a trillion things running through my mind and I frequently need to pee! I've also been experiencing quite severe headaches in the afternoon and I have my second cold sore in a month. Boo. The ongoing sickness has taken a turn for the worst this week, as well.

Oh, how did I forget about the fact that my feet are beginning to swell? Which is just... well, swell!

Working out seems to really help with the fatigue. I noticed that as I did an hour on the elliptical yesterday that I was slowing down, though...

Things are also wonderful, too.

A lulu list

1) I'm so grateful to be pregnant. Even with all the whinging ^^^ I am always so happy to be expecting this little fellow. When we toured the other local hospital, Maine Med, I though about being there (well, the other hospital, probably) and I felt like crying.

2) My friends - you lot - have been so wonderful to me. I don't know what I'd do without you. And especially my more local friends, especially Jen (and David and Sage, of course).

3) I'm really glad that I joined a gym! I know.. I ordinarily hate gyms, but I'm grateful that it's allowed me to continue working out, which makes me feel better in every way.

4) It's SPRING! The warmer weather is on its way, and even though it might not be 'warm' by others' standards, it's certainly warm for Maine, right now. Walking the puppies yesterday evening with the late sun shining and the snow receding, was pretty wonderful.

5) For my new stroller :)

6) The maternity leave I have... I don't know what we'd have done or how we'd have coped without it.

7) Rich and the pups... Kiltie continues to want to lie on me, or right next to me. He can definitely sense that something is going on. While we decided that we'd start easing Kiltie into sleeping downstairs when we got back from our hols, I can't bring myself to do it yet. Every night he curls up right next to my tummy... it's just too precious! I know we have to do it soon, though. I'm also grateful that Rich is going to get rid of the 'kitchen couch' this week. Right Rich? it's been SIX weeks :)

8) So grateful for Deb, who I see today.


  1. Hey there, Alex,

    We feel so fortunate for your friendship! And we love that we can be here with you as you go through this momentous time.

    I am looking forward to hearing how your meeting with Deb goes today. I am concerned about you! You know this already, but the most important thing right now is your and Poppet's well being. You SHOULD have (well, more than) a semester's paid leave, and while it is incredibly great of Art to make sure you get it, you are now hereby ordered to start saying "no." ;-) (If you feel you need it, you have the perfect excuse: your health. It is paramount now more than ever, and I know everyone will understand that!). You don't have to do an extra semester's worth of work right now. (Though you already are, I know.)

    Okay, I'll leave off ordering you around. Just wanting you to give yourself permission to put yourself first and let the rest take care of itself.


  2. obviously that was me, not David. He signed on on this computer without my noticing!


  3. I am so sorry you ar enot feeling well, but so excited for the little one to be arriving sooner the later...and the more stuff you accumulate for the little guy the more excited you will be. I too am ordering you to start saying NO, its for you and the little guys well being...I know you like to say yes but really Alex you need to start to take it easy especially if your feet are starting to swell already...

    with much love and care, Tara

  4. Hi Alex,

    I must say your stoller looks truely awesome...very stylish, very you!

    You sound like you're loving being pregnant....and that's despite the things that make pregnancy so uncomfortable....what you are going through is a truely amazing, precious moment in your life and its wonderful to read how well you are doing and how you are embrancing every moment of it....the only thing I want you to do is learn to say NO more often at work, you can't do everything superwoman!

    Love you lots and lots Sam xxxxx

  5. I can't believe you're 6 months along either. So nuts. Hope you get some sleep.


  6. Aw, Jen, thanks for this lovely comment. You're such a love, and such a wonderful friend (and I just got your phone message.. THANK YOU)).

    Today went really well... I was lucky to have an extremely relaxing prenatal massage. (I should have added that I am grateful for Nancy, the PT and massage therapist, who is just lovely and great in her practice). I then saw Deb and everything looks good... measuring exactly at 23 weeks - which is what I am :) Blood pressure is excellent (though I don't know the number)... I'll have the anemia tests, etc at 28 weeks. I'm pretty sure that it's just normal pregnancy fatigue coupled with a hideously busy week at school... paying, perhaps, for my vacation. I will for sure say no to everything from here on out :) I don't know how I got myself into 4 capstone, independent studies this year.

    Oh, and Jen, you make my work schedule look part-time :)

    Love, A

  7. Thanks, Tara! I have definitely taken note :)

    I know, Palmy!! Can you believe it... !!! Time is really ticking now!

    Aw, Sam, how lovely of you to pop by!! I have been thinking about you an awful lot. I hope you can update me soon.. is the cat out of the bag yet?!!

    Isn't the stroller stylish :)

    Love, love your oldest and dearest pal!

  8. hiya sweets... you know i kept a pregnancy journal when i was pregnant with #1 and i swear so much of what you write could have come straight out of my journal (the headahes, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, the busy mind full of thoughts, the excitement and nervousness as the baby grew and grew (he is now 9.5 years!)

    do you mind emailing me you postal address. i have something i want to send you/poppet.


  9. awww. a lulu list. beautiful. sorry I'm so late to get to it...

    love, lulu