Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Nursery Themes Part 2

... so I am now starting to feel quite anxious that I didn't even THINK about stuff such as should the bedding and bumper be organic, should the dyes be natural, should the nursery be green...

And with those thoughts my image of the nursery is changing. I have been thinking about making sure the mattress is toxic-free, etc., and my sense is that I ought to do the same with the bedding. Organic bedding tends to be less bright and cheery - which is actually more my cuppa tea, and Linda could do some wonderful murals on the wall to brighten things up a bit.

These are the ones I've just found... and quite like (and won't break the bank)

I am quite partial to the willow set, which might be a nice backdrop for trees and woodland animals on the wall...


  1. all these pictures are ridiculously adorable. but the one I keep going back to and making an embarrassing "eep" sound of joy is the one with the deer . . .

  2. ah... it is gorgeous... it is so much fun to do a nursery :)

  3. This is lovely, Alex! Yes, and you don't want any pressboard furniture with all of that formaldehyde and other yucky stuff. There are a ridiculous number of things to consider!

    I like your idea of having a "green" nursery with the mural to liven it up. And the woodland theme would be relevant for little Poppet for a good, long time. (I, too, love the deer and the owl!)

    This is lots of fun.

  4. I think I'm liking the deer one, too :) I happened upon a beautiful mural of a tree in a baby magazine.... So lovely.. and what I love about the woodland scene is that we can integrate a bit of Maine and a bit of England! One of my favourtie films and books growing up was Watership Down. It was also gut-wrenchingly sad.

    But, wow, WHAT a lot of things to consider!!! Jen, we're trying to find some solid wood furniture which is not too hard on the pocketbook. I'd looked at the low toxic paints... Yikes, so much to think about. The good news is that these products seem to be more available - even at affordable prices.

    Time is now ticking by and we don't have a thing... oy!

    Love, A

  5. Oh my god, I absolutely LOVE the green/deer/woodland theme! That is my favorite, by far.

    ...Heck, I would like my room to look like that :)

  6. isn't it cute!? I would have loved a wood theme :)

    Love A

  7. I'm with SM! I totally want this for MY room! Very cute! I don't even know which one I like best. Raffi is pretty lucky to have parents with such great taste!

  8. i, too, want my room like that!!!! There are some gorgeous (but ridiculusly expensive) shops in crouch end (where arbours is - yummy mummy area) that do all organic baby stuff. I coo everytime I walk past.