Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hiya Poppet: 24 week scan

We had another scan today - at just under 24 weeks. We'll be having them monthly until 32 weeks and then - much to my surprise - we'll be having them weekly. They're just being precautionary and we're hopeful that everything will run smoothly. Indeed, today, everything looked just perfect! He's still measuring a few days ahead and he's already a whopping 1 pound nine ounces :) No wonder I had that growth spurt!

The sonnographer put the 4D capabilities on and we got some sweet, sweet snaps. These are actually stills from the DVD as I have yet to scan in the official pictures!!

He's clinging to the umbilical cord!

A couple of profile shots...

Poppet's little leg preparing to kick me :)


  1. Oh, wow! Those 4D ones are amazing. How exciting, Alex! I'm so glad this appointment went well. He's going to be the most photographed baby ever!


  2. aha! I know! We already have quite the collection.. and then of course we have all the 'poppet films' :)
    xo A

  3. Alex! I thought 4D was one of those "other" dimensions you can't actually see. Whoops!
    He's beautiful. :) How exciting!

    Sarah Hope

  4. Thanks, Sarah-Hope! I was surprised by what you could see with the 4D... pretty amazing!

    And isn't he a beauty :)

    Love A

  5. Oh Alex,
    this is so exciting!!! Your little guy is already a looker...I have never been a part of someone elses experiance into motherhood. Thankyou so much for sharing this with us, really this is just precious.

    Love, Tara

  6. oh, he is gorgeous! absolutely gorgeous. I'm so happy for you and Rich!!