Thursday, March 5, 2009

Kicking up a Storm

Wow, this past few days the little fellow has been making his presence very much felt. I have felt movement - and even some muffled kicks - for a few weeks, but usually I have to be focusing to feel much of anything. But now that's changing, because as I go about my day, not thinking about the little Poppet too much I get a quick, sharp reminder that he is very much there.

Yesterday, during a meeting (about the tenth of the day), I was sat there with 12 other faculty discussing many pressing issues(!) and all of a sudden Poppet started to move and move and move. And in this very public forum of this large meeting, I thought how wonderful it was that I was having this very, very private moment with my little son (yikes, that's the first time I've really used the word 'son'.. makes me want to call him 'Sunny', or something).

Then, this morning, around 3am, I woke up for my twentieth run to the loo that night, and when I got to bed he was once again kicking, kicking, kicking! these weren't little flutter kicks that one can mistake for gas, these were little thumps that made it all but impossible to get back to sleep.

It is very, very surreal when I step back and reflect on what's going on, to think that there's a little person forming in there. Indeed a little person who has formed - but is just working on getting bigger.

This time is beginning to go really fast. And we don't have a single thing!


  1. just wait until you can feel body parts (a knee, an elbow, a foot...) it is quite surreal but utterly awe inspiring! and don't worry... you don't actually need all that much for a new baby (despite what those in the baby business would have you think!)


  2. Oh Alex, wow. I love it that you were having that wonderful private moment amid the hullabaloo! That's just magical.

    And indeed Em is right. All babies really need is love, milk, and shelter. You can easily provide those.


  3. ohhh how exciting...yes just wait til you have an elbow stuck in your ribcage..its great:) You are doing amazing and already I can tell you are going to be an aweinspiring mother...and its true babies dont need that much just love and milk and shelter everything else is just a bonus for you...gosh A, I am so excited for you!!! Did I tell you every time I read a post I want another baby;)lol

    love, Tara

  4. Wow, I can't even imagine being able to identify the body parts!!!! It's just an amazing feeling experiencing these movements...

    I'm in the midst of packing for our holidays. We leave in the early hours of the morning and I'm so looking forward to it!! I'll be sure to blog from Florida, though!!

    Love, A

  5. wow, makes me want to cry. I used to kick my mum so hard and my little heel would pop up. My brother was all elbows. She tells me she used to have to pinch my heel to make me stop. Sounds a bit brutal now i think of it!