Thursday, March 5, 2009

Off on our hols!

HI folks, we're just getting ready for our trip to Florida! We fly out of Portland in the early hours and we'll be there a week. It's very exciting. We've not been to Florida before, and, in fact, this is our first vacation in around 9 years. Visiting family in the UK doesn't count as a holiday :)

I didn't get a chance to post yesterday about it but I saw the periontologist for a consult about the effects of lupus on the baby. Fortunately I'm on no meds so that isn't a concern, and the pregnancy won't make the lupus worse (though I should be prepared for a flare-up of symptoms on delivery... apparently the baby might exhibit symptoms, too, though they won't have lupus). The biggest concern is what my antibodies might do to the baby. One of the biggest worries is that something will happen to the placenta and thus the baby will not thrive... and the other potential issue is the electrical circuitry system around the heart. However, I feel confident that things will be a-ok.

It does mean, though, that I have to monthly ultrasounds. So much for the idea of going through pregnancy with few ultrasounds! Jeepers, I've already had 4... I think it's probably worth it, though.

The Dr. was a really lovely fella, and seemed not to think that my plans for a natural birth at Mercy would be an issue. As long as everything looks good on the scans it'll be fine. From 24 weeks on, then, I'll be heading to the high-risk OB for my checkup. These will be in addition to my appointments with Deb.

I'm more than half way through the pregnancy. It's really glaringly obvious now - although I did have to gently point it out to a couple of people today. I feared they thought I was just getting quite rotund.

Oh, we think we've decided - at least for now - on the name Rafael (Raffi, Rafa, etc). My parents are not shy in offering their opinion on names, and I was quite certain they wouldn't like it, but they seem to. I said 'raffi' with a Scottish accent to my Dad (who would love us to use a Scottish name) and that seemed to help!

Thanks for reading this blog, readers.


  1. Hi Alex! I am going to keep my fingers crossed that all goes smoothly re. the lupus. I am sorry you have this worry but I think your positive attitude will make a big difference. And you're getting the very best of care, so that is really nice to know.

    How clever of you to say Raffy with a Scottish accent! I'm sure that did do the trick! It is a lovely name and if it feels right then you know you've nailed it.

    So no Bertie, huh? :-)

    Have a wonderful trip and do a lot of relaxing and resting. So happy for you both!


  2. fab name, i love it. More than half-way through - eek! Where does the time go? I'm already picturing the first steps and first birthday lol

  3. Hi Jen!

    Bertie is definitely still a possibility :) Thanks for your words re: ;lupus. I do feel oddly confident that it's going to be okay... I think that's all I can really do.

    Hi Lou! I know, we're already imagining the little guy at the pool with us next year!!! There are so many little kids around!

    Well, will try and update later with photos. Having such a lovely time... weather is splendid (80 degrees, sunny, and no humidity!), We are though absolutely exhausted... mostly because we were hopelessly lost on a hike today. Seriously, we walked at least 10-12 miles. We were planning on a 4-5 walk :) This took a fair chunk of the day up... though we managed an hour or so by the pool!

    Off to rummage for some food... although my pajamas are calling me!!!

    Love A

  4. Alex,

    Have a great trip! Wow, not a vacation in such a long time - you deserve it! And I *do* like the name.

  5. Oh, thanks for the update! I'm so glad you're having a wonderful time and enjoying that gorgeous weather. Indeed it is so well deserved. I also laughed about your getting lost on a hike. We did that once and it's just good thing we had the Ergo carrier for Sage or we'd never have made it back. ;-)

    It's a "good" exhaustion, though, isn't it?


  6. Hi K! So glad you like the name! I was saying to Rich this morning that we could have the next Rafa Nadal :) (Not that I'm planning out his future or anything...!!). We're having such a nice time, and I can so see why you guys live on the West coast... biking all year around, hiking without fear of serious frostbite... and the list goes on!

    Oh Jen, I was imagining being lost with a little one and how EXTRA tiring that would be! As it is we are both suffering today! I am barely hobbling around as I have done something to my foot. But a great excuse to take it very easy today. I have lots and lots of mysteries to read whilst I am here. If I don't read at least 2 I told Rich I will have failed!

    I've been trying to upload some pics but the internet connection must be too slow. I'll try again later.

    I hear the weather has been pretty warm in Maine, though?

    Love A

  7. oh, I'm so glad you're having a nice time! so glad. xoxo