Saturday, September 1, 2012


Wow, already it's September and by next month we'll have a new little boy. I just have 10 or so days of bed rest left and it's difficult to believe that it's been a month of lying down. In many ways it's gone incredibly fast, but also I can't remember going about normal life. Rich's birthday is on the 12th, the day before official bed rest ends, so it'll be a good week to celebrate. Next Sunday is also my little baby sprinkle. I'm really excited to see some friends and to celebrate this little poppet. Rich and I are a bit closer to a name, but it's far from decided so time will tell.

Lots to look forward to. As it happens it's also our 10 year wedding anniversary coming up - on October 14th - a few days after Toast's official due date. It's also the anniversary of the same date we started to date... a long 18 years ago.

It's also, though, the final weeks of summer, but I have to say that while I really feel as though I missed out on a lot of this beautiful summer, we're all looking forward to apple picking, cooler temps, and the changing leaves. And oh, yes, an autumn baby.

Today I really felt some 'nesting' kick in. This is a bit tricky when you're on bed rest and I wasn't feeling super this morning, but I did manage to sit on the floor and sort out some office boxes that we hadn't gotten around to organizing, and I have a growing list of things I want to get done after I have the go ahead to move around. We've been in the house for around 8 months now but we still have basic things to do such as hanging pictures and putting up shelves. I must admit that these are not our strengths so we'll see if any of it gets done anytime soon.

We did at least order Toast's new car seat (unfortunately before the pay check debacle) but we're very glad it's on its way. Louisa surprised us by ordering a few gifts for the little one - which was incredibly kind and touching. We have many wonderful friends local and far away, and we're feeling lucky that we have so many super people in the boys' lives, especially with our families being so distant, and even more so now that my dad is no longer with us.

We've been wondering when our families will meet this newest addition. My mum will be coming across at Christmas to help take care of the baby when I return to work, and my sister Melissa and Raf's cousins Rory and Freya will be returning for a few weeks next summer, but I don't know that we'll be returning to the UK anytime soon. I think we need a holiday which involves warm and sunny climes!

Here are a few pics of Raf 'on the bed', keeping me company - and stealing the iPad.

We've yet to successfully have Raf sleep in his new bed - but both Rich and I love having him in with us so we're not quite sure what the sleeping arrangements will be when Raf's little brother finally arrives!


  1. What a sweet September blog! Lots to look forward too - and this being the best time to be in Maine until Thanksgiving. We'll have to take a weather-check on our big anniversaries until we know where we are with baby Buckie, oops gave one of our names away...!

  2. Congratulations on 18 years togetherness!! Wishing you both another 50 plus years together :-)

    Baby Buckie!! Aw....sweet sweet ;)