Saturday, September 15, 2012

Apple Picking

Poor old Raf and I have head colds so the reprieve from bed rest has been a tad anti-climatic. This morning, after a poor night's sleep on my part, the boys went off to play footy (first stopping to buy some new footy boots as we'd left Raf's trainers at school) and I, well, went back to bed! Not for long, but it meant that I did miss out on his game. I think Rich may blog about his football practice later (together with some sweet photos). When the boys returned home we decided we'd head out for some apple picking.

We timed it with Raf's nap but when we got there he was a little but grumpy - a combination of not enough sleep and a miserable cold. After a bit, though, Raf was in his element, having fun picking, but mostly eating, the gorgeous apples as we strolled through the Orchards. 

Raf is not especially fond of loud noises and so we were surprised when he asked to go for a ride on the tractor. He loved it! 

We captured some nice photos. As I look at these pictures, though, I see how puffy poor little Raf's face is. Hopefully we'll all feel better in the morning. 


  1. Wonderful photos!! I love them all. I just love that your little baby Charlie-Toast is growing and you're having a healthy baby. Although you have a cold you look radiant and lovely.
    Did you ever plant apple trees this year?

  2. Thanks, Julie! It was so nice being out in the fresh air. It's funny you ask about the trees. One thing we did yesterday was to go and pick out a tree. We ended up buying two and tomorrow we need to dig the holes and collect them. Really looking forward to having them planted. The previous two years of apple picking, my dad loved looking at the photos.. they were some of his favourties which is why he offered to plant some for us.

    And I didn't think we'd ever get to this point again with another baby. Still quite nervous but now we're almost officially 'term' I am feeling as though, oh, yes, it may be that we're brining home a new baby born in the next few weeks!

  3. You look beautiful, Alex! Congrats on hitting 37 weeks. Your family photos make me want to go hit up the apple farm nearby soon. :-)

  4. Oh myo gosh all those photos of all of you (inc little toasty bump) are gorgeous. It looks like a fun day. I LOVE apples and I want to go apple picking right now. Wish I could go. One day I'll make it there during apple and pumpkin season :)

  5. Wow...Awesome pictures. Loved Loved it :-)

    Feel better you all soon (((hugs)))

  6. Such gorgeous photos!
    Autumn is my favourite season and I think I'd be in my element in your neck of the woods.

    Hope you're shaking off that cold (Rafi too). x