Sunday, September 23, 2012

Autumn Beach Walk

Each weekend we think to ourselves, 'this could be our last'! We had big plans to organize and pack today.. well, it didn't go quite to plan even though Rich stayed up half the night putting up shelves in the garage so we could finally unpack some more boxes and organize the kitchen a little more. Instead we got up and I made blueberry pancakes, and after that I walked the pups to the beach along the train. It was a gorgeous, gorgeous morning. The trail is spectacular at this time of year with the leaves turning and the birds chirping loudly and happily. 

We met Raf and Rich at the beach. Raf is really pretty grumpy with this cold (though he keeps on telling me he's happy!), and once we got to the beach I thought it was going to be a LONG walk. As soon as I assented to him stripping off all his clothes, though, he cheered right up! Funny how running around starkers can lift your mood! Raf had a super time - we all did - running up and down the beach. Luckily the sunshine was warn, though the water was frigid, and he had a joyous hour running after the pups, trying to round them up as they ran after seagulls and other dogs. 

I am feeling mighty uncomfortable these days. A lot of prodromal labour, and some unbelievable pressure in my stomach, especially when I eat or drink. We're edging towards 38 weeks and it seems like a miracle to still be pregnant after the last 2 months, and now I'm beginning to think that I'll be pregnant forever! I would love to make it to 40 weeks, but honestly not much more than that. I'd at least like some time to properly pack my bags.

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  1. Lovely pictures as always! Alex, you look so beautiful with the tummy baby :)Yay for 38 weeks!!