Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hey Ho.

I've really been struggling with this darn head cold. It's not too bad until the evenings when I'm trying to sleep and then as soon as I've lain down I begin to hack up a lung or two. I've been fairly exhausted as a result, so taking care of Raf yesterday was a real challenge, especially since he's getting over the same cold and is quite sensitive and miserable as a result. After I tried to get him to nap at home I eventually gave up and put him in the stroller so I could get him to sleep.

It was lovely being out in the sunshine with Rafo and the pups, but as I walked I started to get fairly painful contractions very close together - though there was no pattern. For the rest of the day I was having a lot of painful cramping, and while the contractions seemed to stop when I went to bed, I continued to have the painful cramps throughout the night, so it was another mostly sleepless night.

I had my 37 week scan this morning. We'd planned to take Raf with us but I ended up going on my own for various reasons. I'll try and post a picture tomorrow if my scanner is working, but all looked good and I did get a few lovely pictures of the baby. In one picture it looks as though he's laughing. It's very sweet. 

I hadn't felt great when I got up, and en route home from the scan I thought I was going to pass out from low blood sugar so quickly stopped off at Target and wolfed down a protein bar before I'd even gotten to the till to pay. I started to feel incredibly achy, and by the time I got home every single part of my body was sore as though I was coming down with the flu. I took myself to bed for most of the day and got up in the end to make dinner.

I actually feel incredibly low. Raf is basically the only person I've spoken to in the last 36 hours. I'm of course super, super happy that Toast is on his way, and I'm not even feeling impatient for him to arrive, but I suppose I am feeling ready not to feel physically so terrible. And now, since my mood seems to have followed my physical state, I have to admit that I am feeling quite fed up, and I think those around me are utterly fed up with me. 

Mind you, this little kiddo cheers me up no end!


  1. Oh Alex, hang in there! I have the same lung-hacking problem when I lay down at night but at least I don't have cramping, aches and passing out in a Target (if you pass out before you pay, are you a shoplifter?). You are STRONG and soon that laughing Toast will be in your arms, you'll get over this cold, and will soon be able to take runs and enjoy life outside of your bed. Believe it --- you will be on top of the world oh so soon.

  2. Thanks, Beth. I so appreciate it. Lots of tears this evening, which isn't really like me. xo

  3. I'm sorry! I do really like my neti pot and also a humidifier and lots of tea when I'm sick.
    Also, I'm sorry you're so miserable but I did smile when you used the word "lain." So few people know how to use lie and lay let alone put lain in a sentence. (I'm teaching Jocelyn, of course, and Brian told her "lay down for nap" and she said "lie down, Daddy" so it's working :) ) Take care, thinking of you and your special little baby Toast often.

  4. Oh Cold is never fun :( Hoe you feel better very soon Alex, thinking of you (((hugs)))

    We loved the video!! Raami is asking me to replay it again and again :) Hugs and kisses to Rafi from Raami :)

  5. Oh Al, I feel for you so much. I remember how sick you were also up to raf's appearance too. Wish I could take it away. I bet people aren't fed up with you, maybe they just don't know how to best help. I wish we could all take a bit of the sickness away so you could have a rest. That seems the cruel part of nature when women get absolutely done in before the baba arrives and then it's hitting the ground running!

    I'm thinking of you and hoping you feel much better today. Lots of love

  6. Thanks, you guys. Another bad night, frankly, but I did feel much better today. I saw my midwife and she said that this could go on for WEEKS! Eek. Or I could have baby Toast tonight... it's just a waiting game now. I did go for a nice, somewhat uncomfortable, walk with the pups this afternoon and I have to say that the lovely sunshine cheered me up no end.

    And, J. the lie, lay, lain, laid.... aw, it seems like it a very common mistake, Mind you I am always misusing commas so I suppose it's good to know one grammar rule :)