Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Rainy Day

Today was our 35 week scan. It wasn't a growth scan, just a regular biophysical. Toast was great - moving so much that it was difficult to assess his cord as he kept kicking it out of the way. Lots of practice breathing, fluid looks good, and all that good stuff.

There was a new resident OB there who did a practice scan on me. The boy's face was sort of smooshed against my uterine wall but everyone did laugh when we could see his little tongue poking out. It seems as though he does that a lot. And his hands are always by his head - at least at almost every scan we've had. Raf was like that, too, and he still often sleeps with his hands by his face.

My silly scanner isn't working so I can't scan the ultrasound photo in. Darn it.

It's a very dreary, rainy day - which is quite nice when you're stuck in bed, but I am nonetheless a bit fed up today. Raf was up most of the night with a fever, but thankfully it broke in the wee hours and he woke up happy, healthy, and fever free. Alas, not much sleep here and every nap I tried today ended up as a bit of a fail. Still, there is always tonight and all day tomorrow!

In exciting news (at least exciting for me) I think Toast's car seat has just been delivered.. well, at least that's my impression from the barking dogs. Tomorrow I must get moving and order some cloth diapers to replenish the stash we had for Rafi. Little cloth diapers are incredibly sweet!

Today I found myself very hungry but without any appetite. This is the pits as there is nothing much nicer than eating when you're really famished. It has me thinking about postpartum meals. Any good suggestions for frozen vegan meals that I can make before this kiddo arrives? I am having certain cravings... I don't eat eggs, or even like them, but I am craving quiche and lasagna - as well as certain soups and roast dinners (sans the meat). I wish Rich were a committed cook as I'd have him on some of this tonight!


  1. Oh I'd make you eggplant lasagna! Cloth diapers are so very sweet.

  2. Funny, I've been craving quiche, too.

  3. How sweet :) glad all is well!!

    Do you like germinated green grams? That would be wonderful protein rich food. You can just soak those green gram in water and allow them to get germinated. It stays in refrigerator for longggg time.

  4. I'd say get rich or friends to make whatever you fancy whatever that may be. Easy to warm up and maybe easy to digest. I wish I was there to cook for you. So happy scan went well.

  5. Something keep happening when I try to reply. It stops me from typing after a sentence or two but I was gonna say I've made a delicious spinach lasagne before using soft tofu, blended with nutritional yeast, frozen and thawed spinach, soy milk and now of course you can always use some days in it. That makes a creamy vegan bechamel and you (I mean rich) can either use veggie mince of roasted veggies or both and layer up with basic jar of tomato passage/spaghetti sauce. And there are lots of quiche recipes out there for vegan which cane turn out really good.

    Perhaps just think of some meals and soups that appeal at the moment, look up recipes and get rich and maybe ask some friends if they could make them for you to pack into individual servings. I'll bet a lot of money your friends would be more than happy to help.

  6. beth, I hope you had some!

    Julie, you need to relocate and move to Maine! I think after you run the Portland marathon you'll be ready to join us!

    Chaitra, I have never tried them! Are they yummy?

    Lou, you also need to come to Maine and cook for me. Especially some of those sweet treats.... I am also pining for those raw, vegan cheesecakes I had in London with you last time I was there.

    I did make some cheesy pasta tonight (with Daiya) and my nausea is so bad at the moment that I couldnt really eat much. Still, craving lots of those dairy foods.. including cheese pasties and chips with lots of vinegar (my fav high school lunch!!!!)

  7. Yes Alex. They are really yummy!! You can cut some tomatoes and add little lemon and cilantro...tastes delicious :)