Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hodge Podge

Poor little Raf suddenly burned up with a fever again last night. Out of no where, like the night before, he started to fever. He didn't seem to be sick, ill, or in pain yet he was so hot and woke up around 11:30 unable to get back to sleep. For the next few hours I tried to get his fever down, perplexed by his other lack of symptoms, and eventually, around 2:30am his fever broke and he drifted back off to sleep.

He wasn't grouchy or down and in fact he was a cheery little thing. We had revolving conversations which went something like this:

"Hi, mummy"
"Hi, Rafi. Are you hot"
"Yes, hot"
"Are you in pain? Does your head hurt? Do you have a boo boo in your tummy?"
"No, mummy. Hot"
"Let's go to sleep, sweetie. Mama's tired".
"I tired too, Mummy. Close your eyes, Mummy"
"okay, sweetie. And you; close your eyes".

Pretend snoring... and then:


Repeat 100 times.. and then a repeat conversation broadly similar to what had come before.

He woke up very late but seemingly very healthy with no sign of fever or illness. I was wondering if he was teething but he didn't complain of any pain so it seems as though, for now, it's a medical mystery. Hopefully he'll have a good night tonight, especially as he didn't nap today. The funny boy did, though, wear his wellies all day. His teacher said he wouldn't take them off, despite it becoming very hot after the morning rain... He came home with them on the wrong feet :)

Today I saw my favourite midwife, Jen. I really, really love her. She is so kind and empathetic and I really hope she's the midwife that is on call when the time has come. It was a really good appointment and I left feeling really upbeat and hopeful that we'll make it to term and that we'll have the birth we're really hoping for.

I was strapped to the non-stress machine for the appointment and Toast did super! Lots of accelerations and movements and my tummy measurement seems to be catching up a bit - even though I've always been in normal limits - which was a bit of a relief. I must say that I've felt those additional centimeters this week as I am feeling rather rotund and pretty uncomfortable.

So, tomorrow I officially hit 35 weeks so I have one more week of bed rest. I am slightly sad about that as a number of series have been updated on Netflix and now I don't think I'll have the luxury of watching them without guilt. I shall give it a good go, though.

I did ask Jen if she thinks I'll make it to 40 plus weeks. She thinks it's unlikely and that 37 weeks is likely when we'll meet this kid... which, wow, is just two weeks away. I am sort of more hopeful (and indeed banking) on a 39-40 week delivery - but anything over 36 weeks is going to feel like such a blessing. But that is next week. Next week???? I am really not ready for that.

Our car seat did come yesterday, though, and it was lovely having something actually new for Toast. And then today the little sleepers turned up, and they seem impossibly small! Hard to imagine that Raf was that little when he was born.

And we may be closer to settling on a name! Maybe.


  1. Wow! I'm just so happy Baby Toast sounds like he'll come full term. I was so concerned a few weeks ago for you both.
    I had 2 NSTs with J and the one time they had to give me Skittles for her to accelerate, although I think it was because I thought she was moving when she wasn't? I don't know. She got me out of the 3rd NST by coming that Monday. When I was delivering her my doctor said "I wondered why you canceled your appointment this morning."
    Anyway, I hope Rafi is completely fine. J and I have had our own sleep issues with over touching and way too much "nummie touching" which has really been irritating to me.
    Hang in there! I made egg plant lasagna today and thought of you, although it did have cheese on it.

  2. Hey Chica
    The things I ordered are due with you Friday. I'm having a crochet break to type this. I can't work out how big to make it as I am running out of the bamboo yarn and my supplier (!) hasn't delivered the next bunch yet. I'm using the frog to test baby size lol. I love you keep toasty my little toasty bum.
    Love x