Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Term... almost!

Thanks for the lovely messages, people. I did have another bad night of cramping and contractions but at least the dreaded cough has mostly disappeared. I got up feeling somewhat better, despite really having no sleep, but I was able to get in a nap once Raf went to school and watched a very good Miss. Marple episode. It's the small things!

I also saw my midwife today... my very favourite one. I was hooked up to have a non-stress-test and Baby Toast passed with flying colours, which in itself cheered me up no end.  She did a cervical check and there has been some more dilation, but honestly not too much, which makes me think that we'll get to at least 39 weeks... at least that's the hope. The downside of this is that this pre-labour stuff  - that basically keeps me up most of the night - could go on for weeks. Mercy. To help, Jen prescribed wine, a bath, and Tylenol to see if any or all help.

I didn't have any prodromal labour with Raf (just the dreaded kidney pain) so this is a bit surprising. The very good news, though, is that tomorrow marks 37 weeks - and thus I'll officially have made it to term.

My stomach measured quite small today, but we think it's just because baby boy has dropped further into my pelvis. That feels GREAT! I walked the pups this afternoon and I could definitely feel more discomfort but it was a beautiful autumnal afternoon and I felt so great being outside with the two naughtiest dogs on the road.

So, I'm officially no longer a complete misery. It's been a very challenging pregnancy, that is for sure, but there is light and the end is in sight. I cannot wait to meet this little fellow. And Raf will be a super big brother.

And what a big brother he is! Every day he seems to be growing in independence and personality. Yesterday he randomly started adding 'sure' to the word 'yes'. "Raf, can I have a kiss?", 'Yes, sure, mummy". "Did you have a good day at school?" "Yes, sure..." And so it goes on.

When he got home tonight he didn't want to eat his dinner and asked to play upstairs with his trains, with Rich and I watching him while lying on his bunk bed. After an hour or so he alll of a sudden decided he was hungry, though I wasn't convinced he was going to want to eat anything I'd prepared. But downstairs he went and ate a big hummus and falafel wrap, diced tofu, strawberries, peas, and applesauce. He even asked for more falafel after at first he declared it was 'yucky'!

Raf also likes to check in about what mood he and I are in. I ask Rafi how he feels, sometimes, and usually he says, "I happy, are you, too?" Though it makes me laugh when he says, "I grumpy pants". Funny boy.


  1. Oh, Alex! These are exciting times! And I think I'm going to steal the "I grumpy pants" thing. I'm glad you are hanging in there and are able to enjoy these last days/weeks of anticipation. xoxo

  2. I grumpy pants a lot, too! Oh what a sweetie. I am glad to hear some things are looking up. A walk in the nice autumn air sounds very refreshing.

  3. Oh I love it. I grumpy pants!! So cool that so young you can start to identify feelings in this straightforward way with him. Well done al. What a long slog but so good that you're at term. I love you. Blanket should be here by end of week I reckon :)