Sunday, June 28, 2009

Another Shower!

We had a busy day today. I'm pleased to report that my back is doing a lot better. I saw the chiropractor yesterday and the treatment really helped.... I'm sure the rest I managed to get, too, helped repair whatever was going on. The chiropractor explained what might be going on, but I don't think I can remember quite what he said... but, anyway, I am definitely feeling some relief. The dull backache - which is likely a passage of pregnancy - is still there, but it's really manageable.

So that's good.. and yesterday we got a lot of chores done - including the bathroom, which I will take pics off tomorrow. We're very happy with it, and it was well worth the wait. Today, though, we took a quite trip to the gym followed by a quick stop to see Jen, David, and Sage - who are about to depart on their much deserved holiday. This could be the last time they see me pregnant... at least pregnant with the Poppet. And then we scooted to another baby shower!! Yes, some of Rich's friends kindly hosted another shower for us. It was a small gathering - mostly comprised of people Rich has met through MAC (Maine Animal Coalition)... Not surprisingly, we got to enjoy a lot of delicious vegan menu - and discovered that Angela - the host - is the most fabulous cook! Vegan quiche, homemade vegan ice-cream, and Sarah, another guest, had an exceedingly delicious vegan cake made...

And then there were champagne cocktails :)

We received some beautiful gifts, too! Rich and I are just overwhelmed by people's generosity. The G-diapers were fab, but we also received some sweet, sweet clothes, a book, toys, and more... What a wonderful afternoon.

Finally we came home and I finished sorting out the nursery. It is all but ready.. and if I do say so myself, it looks really lovely. Pics of that tomorrow, too...

Champagne and Rafi...

Not a flattering shot of either of us... but we have so few together!


  1. god alex you look so gorgeous!


  2. thanks, Lou :) I am feeling SOOOOO pregnant!

  3. i, too, was blown away by how BEAUTIFUL you look in these pics. i saw the whole album on fb, and alex, you are stunning.

  4. What they said!

    So glad you have so many supportive and thoughtful friends. (Though I must say I'm not at all surprised!)


  5. You look so beautiful and happy - what a wonderful shower, what a wonderful occasion :) Love you so much and can't wait for the big day to arrive. xoxo

  6. so glad your back is doing better :)

  7. You have such a happy "almost-mommy" glow! My gosh you look simply stunning!!! :) Rich too!

    Sarah Hope

  8. You lot are too sweet! Especially as I feel anything but beautiful in these pics :)

  9. Trust us. We know gorgeous when we see it! :)

    I can't believe just days more!!!!

    I'm sending you, Rich, and baby good vibes...lots of wonderful thoughts for you in the next few weeks.

    Sarah Hope