Wednesday, June 17, 2009

6 pounds 8oz

Yes, he's a very big boy! Before we went in to our 36 week scan, Rich and I had a go at guessing his weight. I guessed 6 pounds 3oz, and Rich an ounce less. We were a bit surprised, then, when he weighed quite a bit more! But all looks excellent. He'd head down, as he has been for a long while, and his bottom (as I thought) is pushing itself up above my belly button. The odd looking 'bump' that appears on my side is his knee, and somehow he still manages to have a spare foot lodged into my rib.

We're getting so close! I've been having a few cramps, which aren't especially comfortable, though certainly not painful. I've also been experiencing some braxton hicks, which is quite exciting as I can't help but feel that this is a sign that things are getting close!

I had my check up with Deb on Monday. All looks good - measuring right on track again, and gained a pound in two weeks for a total of 16. I really felt as though I had gained at least 10 in those weeks!

I finished packing the poppet's bag and now I have to do mine. It seems both so close, yet so far away.... But I am feeling more than ready to meet this little chico - although a finished bathroom would be lovely before he comes home...


  1. aww, i remember when he was but a spec on an ultrasound. now he looks like an actual baby! (shocking, i know)

    so beautiful.

    my mom told me that having lots of sex induces labor. so, um, well, get to it.

    (i just had to share that entirely inappropriate comment with you so you would feel as uncomfortable as i did. hehe)

    love you (both - well, three including rich) lots,

  2. wow, you can really see some of his features, what a cute bundle. Now I am going to ask the stupid question I have wanted to ask for ages: how the hell do they 'weigh' him? How do they figure out his weight so accurately?!

    I am so excited. Please make rich text me when it starts happening!!!!!!

  3. so so happy for you. it's coming so close, i can't even believe it! your little guy is going to be like c when he was born...BIG! cade weighed in at 7 lbs 15 oz and everybody thought he'd be teeny. so happy for you and glad you and little R are doing well.


  4. I just love to look at the 3D ultrasound pics. They are so amazing. I can't believe you only have a few weeks to go. I am glad that everything is looking good with the baby!

  5. Thanks, everyone! He is just so adorable.. and it's getting evermore real!

    Lou, they guesstimate the weight from the measurements they take during the scan. Abdominal circumference is one of the key ones... as is the head. The little fella has little legs, though!

    Wow, Brie, I had no idea that your little man was so big!!! Wowsa, woman!

    Ren, this is what people tell me.. but I may try acupuncture instead :)

    Thanks, Krista!!! The scans are so amazing!!

    Love, A

  6. Reflexology worked for me, R was born less than 12 hours after my reflexologist (who is also a doula so she knows all about labour!) 'tweaked' the relevant bits of my feet ;-)

    What weight are they predicting at birth? 8.5lb ish? Don't forget there is a 20% margin of error so he could be nearer 6.75lb. Or 10lb LOL!!! x

  7. Alice!!!! 10 pounds... don't even joke! lol. For some reason they haven't predicted his birth weight. They said it could plateau a bit (not completely, but the growth could really slow down in these final weeks). BUT, at this rate he'll be 8 plus pounds!! eek. Still, most of the weight, it seems, is a squishy tummy, which is perhaps more doable than a big head and shoulders (oh, he seems to have those, too!).

    Melissa's first baby was 8.5 pounds, so it sounds about right. Of course I am hoping he'd like to make an appearance before 40 weeks. Just 6 days until I'm full term!

    I've heard great things about reflexology, acupuncture, and acupressure. I don't know when you can start trying these treatments, but from what I'm read they're not very invasive and won't work unless the bambino is ready to come.

    Hope you're all doing well, Alice!