Monday, June 22, 2009

Play List Help

Although I plan to listen to my hypnobabies CDs quite a bit during the birthing, we're also trying to put together a play list to listen to - perhaps whilst the little one is making his big appearance. At prenatal yoga the other day, the instructor played this... it's one of my favorites. It's happy and lovely and very sentimental. If I think about it playing when the Poppet arrives I almost start to sob!!!

So, in this sort of vein... any suggestions?


  1. Check out "The One Who Knows" by Dar Williams. It's a favorite (and I walked down the aisle to it...) very appropriate and lovely, if I do say so myself. :)

    love lulu

  2. Aw, what a sweet idea! It's lovely, Alex. I've heard of people birthing to all sorts of music.

    I don't quite know what happened with us--we brought a bunch of CDs, some other symbolic stuff to have in the room, various comfort measures. Used nary a one. We were just so totally absorbed in the process that everything went out the window. ;-)

    You two are being so thoughtful about it all and I think that is wonderful! Rafi is a very lucky boy.

    I hope you're feeling better. . ..


  3. Also, Sea of Love by Cat Powers. In a movie I watched, this song was playing while someone was actually giving birth, and it made me sob, because it made me remember how I first felt giving birth to my 'Lil C. I love this song and listen to it all the time...very quiet and calming and beautiful.


  4. Dar and Cat power, definitely. How about some suzanne vega? You should check out "Oh my mama" by alela diane.

    Oooh, kate rusby, too!

    I'll have a think x

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  6. Jen beat me to it: I don't remember playing any music whatsoever, we were so focused on the experience. But I have a bunch of Hawaiian music if you want, including Israel Kamakawiwo'ole, plus other music of a similar vein. Maybe if you're over here I can play you some. But really, you block everything out anyway.

  7. how about "afternoon on a hill", a la Deb Talan? It's what Annie played at our wedding and is actually what I dream will be our "family lullaby" when I have babes of my own. I imagine it as my wish for myself and for my someday children. And you! And yours!

    (lulu, laura and i had our first dance to 'you rise and meet the day'. hurray for dar williams at weddings!)

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  9. what about yael naim "new soul" (macbook commercials notwithstanding)?

  10. Have you ever heard any Eva Cassidy? I very much adore her voice--it's beautiful, and I listen to her to be calm and centered.

    Here's a youtube...also happens to be "over the rainbow" :)

    Sarah Hope

  11. Oh check out A Fine Frenzy 'one cell in the sea' album. Love it. She's on myspace xxx