Friday, June 19, 2009

The Book Baby

Rich and I live on a road nearby to a sweet, sweet neighborhood. It's a two mile loop littered with houses, and over the 7 years we've been here we've gotten to know some of these people really well. I used to walk the loop when Rich was in Boston working. This was pre-Kiltie and Sammy. I would walk up the hill a few miles, then down again, turning into the neighborhood for the final part of the walk.

Then, I used to have this talent for 'reading whilst walking'. It was something I started doing in graduate school. I would walk very quickly with a book in hand! It got me through many a text, and, frankly, I would take the opportunity to read some good fiction as I walked from place to place. I continued the 'reading whilst walking' here, and I soon built a reputation. Complete strangers would approach me with some regularity in the local store, asking how I managed it. I think they thought I was a bit eccentric as I would wear these big sun hats, too.

Anyway, fast forward a few years and now I walk with the dogs and Rich...

As we walked on Tuesday evening, a car stopped and a woman who I recognize as a neighbor I haven't spoken with before - said she had something funny to tell us.

She said "oh, I see you're having a baby. You know we often talk about you in our family. For years now we've referred to you as the 'book lady' and my kids (all now in college) have imagined an entire life for you! When they saw you walking with a man (that would be Rich!) they were very excited and exclaimed 'aw, mom, the book lady has a boyfriend'! And then they saw you walking with the dogs and they exclaimed 'aw, the book lady and her new boyfriend now have puppies'... "

It was very sweet! And then she said...

"I'm going to have to call them all when I get home to say the book lady is having a baby..."

It was very touching. Of course I had to shatter the illusion and pointed out that Rich and I had been together for almost 15 years :) But the lovely woman offered us lots of baby stuff...

I never could have imagined that we'd be the subject of so much speculation! What a romantic baby story.. albeit an imagined one!


  1. Oh, I LOVE this story! How wonderful!

    And you know what? You might indeed BE a bit eccentric. . . but that's part of your charm.


  2. This is the dearest thing I've heard in a while. I love people who share their "stories". So lovely, baby lady :)


  3. Totally adorable. I think it's quite charming and so cute!

    can't wait for the baby!!!!
    Sarah Hope
    P.S. I read and walk too! :)

  4. that's so sweet!

    btw, i do the same thing (read when i walk). i get funny looks/comments too!

  5. this story made me a little teary.
    the book baby!

    oh, and happy FATHER'S DAY, Rich!!

  6. Alex, thanks for you sweet comments on my blog. (((hugs))) it's nice to hear from someone that was in my ddc.

    and your walking story is indeed very, very cute. :)

  7. Yes, a very cute story. I'm going to start calling you book-lady from now on.

  8. Thanks, everyone! It was such a sweet story.. !!

    We had a very busy weekend.. mostly doing chores. Yikes, I am tired! And still so much to do... We did go out an celebrate papa's day, too, which was very nice. Can't believe that this time next year we'll have an almost one year old, tottering around. We saw lots of parents out and about with very young bambinos, perhaps celebrating for the first time.

    This evening I spent some time putting together a draft birthplan. I'm about to post it for your feedback.. anything to add/take off.

    Thanks for stopping by, Christie... sending many hugs your way.

    Love, the 'book lady'.

  9. oh I love this story!


  10. oh i am so not coordinated to even DREAM of walking with a book in hand! i would last about 2 minutes at best before face planting after tripping on some unseen shrubbery or (frankly) over nothing at all.

    i love this story, it sounds so quaint and romantic somehow. aww, i just love you! xoxo.